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Psychic/Spiritual Spells and Rituals

"Her Eyes" by Dianae

Increase Psychic Visions

Increase Spiritual Awareness

Tarot Spell to Increase Psychic Visions

Psychic Herb Jar

Spell To Remember A Past Life

Third Eye Ritual

Psychic Spell

Rosemary Divination Spell

Hair Divination Spell

Ward off Psychic Vampires/Attacks

Water Divination Spell

Spell for Sight or Insight

Spell to Develop Psychic Powers

Levitation Spell

Telekinesis Spell

Cauldron Prophecy

Psychic Protection Spell

Traffic Lights Spell

Psychic Attack

Seeing Auras - How to See Auras

Spell to Strengthen Your Psychic Shield

Third Eye Rite to Improve Psychic Powers

Spell to Learn the Truth

Prophetic Dreams Spell

Spell for Improved Memory/Concentration

Cloud Vaporization Exercise - Psychic Exercise

Vision Spell

Spell to Switch Talents

Ritual of Oneness

Energy Balls Exercise

Spell to Dream of the Future

Psychic Sight Spell

To Communicate with an Absent Partner


Vision Quest for Past Lives

Astral Travel Spell

Astral Projection Techniques (Recommended)

Thoughtforms and Spirits

Free Spells

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