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Welcome, and thank you for visiting Everything Under the Moon's Book of Shadows. A witch's Book of Shadows is where spells, rituals, correspondences, and personal experiences with magick are kept.

In the Book of Shadows below, you'll find over three hundred witchcraft, Wicca, magick, and love spells, all free for you to use or add to your personal Book of Shadows (BoS). The Google search box below can be used to search this entire website and the forums for magick spells or information that you need.


Use the index below to go to each section, or you can scroll through this page and the second Book of Shadows page to see all of the spells. You may also search the site using the search boxes at the top and bottom of this page.

The spell headings below are actually clickable links that go to that section, so you can bookmark a section and come back later directly to that topic.

Animals and Pets
Beauty and Glamour
Binding Spells
Car and Travel Spells
Charge of the God/dess
Charm Bags
Cleansing Spells
Curse Removal
Dream Magick & Sleep
Emotional Well-Being
Finding Lost Things
Friendship Spells
Healing Rituals
Honoring the Deceased
How-to Articles
Invisibility Spells
Job Spells

Love Spells
Luck Spells
Money Spells
Multi-Purpose Spells
Pregnancy - Fertility
Protection - Banishing
Psychic/Spiritual Spells
Rituals and Prayers
School Spells
Spirits and Ghosts
Weather Spells
Weight Loss Spells
Wiccan Rituals
Wish Spells
Jamie Martinez Wood
Spells by Chleo

The Necromancer by Eclipsy
The Necromancer by Eclipsy

Wish Spells

Wish Spell to Diana
Wish Magick
Birthday Wish Spell
Angel Spell
Simple Quartz and Candle Spell
Simple Wish Spell
Another Simple Wish Spell


Spell to Change Your Eye Color
Spell for Physical Body Change
The Spell of the Comb and the Mirror
Spell to Grow Hair
Spell for Clear Skin
Spell for Beautiful Hair
Glamour Spell
Glamour Spell 2
Beauty Spell

Love Spells

Click Here For All Love Spells
Simple Love Spell
Easy and Effective Love Spell
Manufacturing the Perfect Mate
Healing a Relationship
Lucky in Love Spell
To Capture His Heart
Make Someone Dream of You
Love Spell
Breaking Up Spell
Make One Realize They're Wrong
Make Your Lover Leave You
Making Love Pagan Style
Making Up Spell
Draw a New Lover to You
End a Relationship
Think About Me Love Spell
Gay/Lesbian Love Spell
Keep Your Lover Faithful
Make Love Secure
Rose of Love: Find True Love

Misc. Spells

Magick Potion Incantation
Herbal Spells including: Money, Job, Courage & Strength, & Everlasting Youth.
Spell to Stop an Argument
Truth Spell
Magick Potion Incantation
Herbal Spells including: Money, Job, Courage & Strength, & Everlasting Youth
Spell to Find a Lost Item
Spell to Stop an Argument
Confidence Spell
Spell for Warmth
Spell for Coolness
Witches Hand Shake
Spell to Control a Situation
Make One Realize They're Wrong

Remove a Curse

To Reverse a Spell
To Break a Spell you have Cast
Lemon Uncrossing Spell
Purification Spell (to break a curse)
Spell Reversal (with Known Sender)

Death & Grieving

Dream of Deceased Loved One
Spell to Contact the Dead
Spell to Summon a Spirit
Funerary Rite

Protection - Banishing

The Bottle Spell
Fire Protection Spell
House Protection Spell Bottle
Ritual to Protect Your Home
Banishing an Unwanted Admirer
Strega Herb Jar
The Witches Bottle
Wolf Protection Spell
Moon Protection for Amulets
Spell to Protect an Object
Protect from Psychic Vampires/Attacks
Spell to Banish a Stalker
Blue Pentacle Visualization Spell
Anti-Slander Spell
Banishing Spell
Protection against Dream Invaders
Protection Chant
Knot Spell to Banish Problems
Protection Incantation
Removing the Evil Eye or Curse
Anti-Nightmare Spell
Spell to Make an Enemy Move Away
Protection Potion
Spell to Stop Someone from Stealing
Spell to Reflect Negativity
Banishing Spell for Good or Evil
Reflection Spell
Spell to Overcome an Enemy
Magic Mirror Banishing Spell

Pregnancy, Fertility, Miscarriage

Improve Chances of Conception
Dream of Your Unborn Child
Spell to Prevent Miscarriage
Attune to your Unborn Baby
Miscarriage Healing Ritual
Candle Spell to Conceive
Ease Pain During Labor
Spell to Conceive a Son
Conceive a Daughter
Spell For Pregnancy
Healthy Baby Spell
Easy Fertility Spell
Spell to Conceive
Fertility Douches
Fertility Charms
Fertility Spell
Fertility Spell

Money & Prosperity Spells

Candle Money Spell
Luck Money Spell
The Magic Money Jar Spell
Money Spell Bottle
Remove a Money Hex
Money Tree Spell
Prosperity Spell 1
Prosperity Spell 2
Spell to Gain Money
Spell to Obtain Money
Herb and Crystal Spell
Money Rock
Corn Wealth Spell
Magic Money Spell


Color Correspondences for Spellwork
Crystal and Gemstone Correspondences
Daily Planetary Correspondences
Hourly Planetary Correspondences
Moon Phases


School Spells

Productive School Day Spell
How to Attract a New Friend
Spell for Good Grades
Spell to Stop Gossip
Study Spell
Study Spell 2

Healing Spells

Healing Ritual
Healing Spell

Healing Spiritual Illness
Anger Releasing Spell
Rose Geranium Hand Salve
Help a Friend in Pain

Charm Bags

Good Luck Charm Bag
Breaking a Run of Bad Luck
Confidence in Social Situations
Draw a New Love To You
Drawing Out a Latent Talent
Luck in Business
Dream Magick

Self Improvement

Clear Away the Old with Crystals
Spell to Get Rid of Bad Habits
Kick the Habit (for Addictions)
Spell to Get Rid of Jealousy
Spell to Lose Your Troubles
Banish Personal Negativity
Quit Smoking/Drugs Spell
Purification Spell/Ritual
Self-Improvement Spell
Unwanted Habit Spell
Anti-Smoking Spell

Lost and Found Spells

Spell to Find Something Lost
Spell to Find a Lost Object 1
Spell to Find a Lost Object 2
Spell to Find a Lost Object 3
Spell to Find a Lost Object 4
Spell to Find a Lost Object 5
Spell to Find a Lost Pet

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