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Energy Balls Exercise

The video above isn't by the same person that wrote the article below, but it's a good video on the same topic.

Place your hands together gently. Intend to activate your personal chi or ask for spiritual energy and allow it to expand and build up, moving your hands apart. You can use a pumping motion to become aware of and build up your own energy. You can scoop in universal chi from your surroundings. You can run a shakti such as Reiki into the space or ball you create between your hands and use it as a carrier of healing in many different subtle touch systems. Many general spiritual healers use energy balls.

Place your energy ball down in front of you. Pass your hand across the area, including both the space where the ball is, and where it isn't. Do you feel a difference? Can you feel where the ball is? It may feel warmer, cooler, tingling, denser, etc. You could toss it at a person, or pet an animal with it and see if they can feel it. Some animals will definitely react to your ball of energy. The people can tell you if they felt anything. Have them close their eyes and see if they feel when it touches them. Close your eyes and try to feel it. Try making the ball snowball-sized or smaller. Manipulate the size and/or shape of your energy ball.

Experiment. Take an energy ball that you have made, and press the ball into your heart chakra. Press it into your 3rd eye. Press it against your skin, and see what you feel. There are other ways to work with energy balls. You can use it to begin distance sending or to smooth the aura at the end of treatments. You can comb the aura with one, or use energy balls as the way to deliver healing energy. I had always thought of the energy ball and the sending, seeing, clearing balls as being different things. I built the healing energy ball between my hands and can send it out to others with intention or place it by proxy in the remote healing procedure.

Other balls are visualized outside the body then filled with energy. They can be observed to "see" events or information as in divination and scrying or used to send an affirmation or to fill with a manifestation visualization . They can be sent out to retrieve lost energy of your own and they can be filled with your anger, fears, or with pain etc., then charged with light/energy to dissolve and transform negative energy. Using your hands to build an energy ball will work just fine for these other purposes too. Energy balls can be a useful way to develop your awareness of energy.

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