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Q&A with Starwitch

Here are some of the questions I've received, along with the answers I gave. Some are helpful, some are entertaining, some are just whatever... Enjoy!

What does this evil dream mean?

How can I get my lover back?

Weight loss spells - Help building confidence

Websites and books about Wicca and witchcraft

Newbie witch needs help finding ritual supplies for spell work

What is karmic debt? Do you incur karmic debt when doing white magic?

Finding non-Wiccan spell books

Filled with hate - Is there a curse on me?

Suffering from nightmares, and want my boyfriend experience them with me.

The difference between Wicca and witchcraft

If certain spells don't work, why do you post them on the site?

Is what I am experiencing a demon?

Questions about God, black magick, hauntings, divination and tarot cards, demons, heaven and hell, and what my personal beliefs are.

Question about the Threefold Law and money spells.

I need a revenge spell for my cheating lover!

Starwitch, you've gone over to the dark side!

Help! My children were taken away from me! How can I get them back?

Is there a curse on me and my family? So many bad things are happening! I think we are hexed!

Is there a spell to make him want me? (He's Just Not That Into You!)

Am I gay, straight, or bi-sexual? Help! I'm confused!

How can I get my child to clean her plate without a fight?

I hear voices and pretty songs while falling asleep.

How Can I Get a Girlfriend?

My friend is possessed by Satan!

Can I be a Christian and a witch?

Why did he dump me? He said he loved me!

"Psychic reader" scams - Details and how to avoid this trap.

My psychic said I am cursed, possessed, and bewitched! How do I know if this is true?

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