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Telekinesis Spell

  1. Find utensil of choice.
  2. Hold utensil in hands.
  3. Sit quietly and relax-however you are comfortable.
  4. Empty mind of all chattering thoughts - relax.
  5. With eyes closed, rub fingertips over surface of the object.
  6. Feel, don't think about it. Feel what the surface is like - get into the flow of the atoms the molecules, its energy.
  7. This may take a couple of attempts. You will feel the energy.
  8. At that very moment - when you and the object are a blend of energy - bend it.
    (Sometimes you will have to bend in order for the object to bend)
    If you did it correctly, it will bend.
Doing this takes a lot out of you, but be strong and this power will be yours. Never apply pressure - either mental or physical. Relax, this will come naturally.

Contributed by Emmanuel Awuley ("Starhawk")

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