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Astral Projection / OBE Spells

Astral Projection OBE Photo


Astral Travel Spell

Syn, good Goddess of Locks and Doors,
Open the Gates I now Implore.
Allow me to pass through the Astral veil,
with speed, Grant fair winds to me sail.
And when I've gained what I can learn,
Roman Grant a hasty return.

Say this before Astral projection. I personally enjoy this one. It really helps when I am trying to have an out-of-body experience. Most of the people would agree with me to use a meditation before you invoke the Gods and Goddesses. I would personally recommend it very much, because meditation allows you to float in the magical world, where you can make spells, pray, as well as meeting new friends from the other world.

Nontoxic Flying Ointment

  • 1 part Dittany of Crete

  • 1 part Cinquefoil

  • 1 part Mugwort

  • 1 part Parsley

Prepare the ointment and anoint the body prior to an Astral Projection session.

Nontoxic Flying Ointment

  • 2 drops Sandalwood Oil

  • 1 drop Jasmine Oil

  • 1 drop Benzoin Oil

  • 1 drop Mace Oil

Add these essential oils to the ointment base and anoint the body prior to an Astral Projection session.

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