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Protection Spells - Banishing Spells

Ghost Opera by Intano
Ghost Opera by Intano


The Bottle Spell

Fire Protection Spell

House Protection Spell Bottle

Ritual to Protect Your Home

Strega Herb Jar

The Witches Bottle

Wolf Protection Spell

Moon Protection for Amulets

Spell to Protect an Object

Anti-Slander Spell

Protection against Dream Invaders

Protection Chant

Jar Spell to Stop a Trouble Maker

Protection Potion

Spell to Overcome an Enemy

Spell to Stop Someone from Stealing

Spell to Reflect Negativity


Banishing Spell

The "Wash it Out" Banishing Spell

Banishing an Unwanted Admirer

Ward off Psychic Vampires/Attacks

Spell to Banish a Stalker

Blue Pentacle Banishing Spell

Knot Spell to Banish Problems or Bad Situations

Anti-Nightmare Spell

Spell to Make an Enemy Move Away

Banishing Spell for Good or Evil

Magic Mirror Banishing Spell

Spell to Banish Personal Negativity

Unwanted Habit Spell

Clear Away the Old with Crystals

Quit Smoking Spell - (or Drinking/Drugs)

Anti-Smoking Spell

Spell to Get Rid of Bad Habits

Kick the Habit Spell - Addiction Spell

Reflection Banishing Spell

Spell to Lose Your Troubles

Self-Improvement Spell

Purification Spell/Ritual


Uncrossing - Uncasting

To Break a Spell you have Cast

Lemon Uncrossing Spell (to break a curse)

Purification Spell (to break a curse)

Remove a Curse - Uncrossing Spells



Free Spells


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