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Welcome, and thank you for visiting Everything Under the Moon! My name is Starwitch Stone.

Everything Under the Moon offers hundreds of free witchcraft spells, love spells, articles, and magical correspondences that you are welcome to add to your own Book of Shadows.

goddess of winter
Lady Winter by Ines-ka

How do I find love?

You can use love spells to draw a new love into your life or to heighten the romance in your existing relationship.

If you're a beginner witch and need something simple, here is an easy love spell that only requires a pink candle to perform.

Or if you only have a white candle, try this simple candle spell.

If you don't have any candles at all, you can use this Love Knot Spell.

An experienced witch might prefer the Make Love Secure Spell.

There are also spells for breaking up and for banishing a lover.

There are several categories of spells on the Love Spells page. That's where you can find the right spell for your unique situation.

Will you teach me how to be a witch?

There are a lot of people who write to me to ask if I can teach them how to be a witch. I know it feels lonely when you're first starting out as a Wiccan. You want to find like-minded people to talk to and learn from. You may even be wondering if I could be your teacher. But learning about the occult isn't like learning math in school, where a teacher just sits you down and tells you what you need to know. To learn Wicca, you need to be willing to seek answers and spend time reading, meditating, doing energy work, and practicing magick.

I apologize that I can't personally teach you witchcraft, but there are too many new witches seeking a mentor. To help as many people as possible, I focus on putting as much information as I can here on my website so you'll have what you need in order to learn about Wicca on your own.

I would advise you to be cautious when seeking a mentor in the magical arts. Despite what some authors have said to the contrary, there actually are dark-minded and mentally-deranged witches who are into black magick, and they're typically the ones who are the most eager to train you (since someone like that has no friends in real life). If you happen to be a miserable, selfish person, then a teacher like that would be great for you. But if you're a sweet, positive (or just normal) person who loves the Earth and wants to use magic to improve your life and the lives of those you care about, you'd be better off using all the easily available resources that we have nowadays.

How can I learn Wicca on my own?

I recommend that you start with these pages:
Learn to Be a Witch and F.A.Q.

Then go to the Witches How-To section where there are lots of insightful and informational articles.

Starwitch's Questions and Answers are my personal opinions about some of the magical and mundane issues that I've received letters about. If you're a  left-brained / logical person, you'll likely agree with a lot of things I say. If you're more fantasy-prone, you may not like my answers.

If you have questions about Love Spells you can read this thread to see what experienced and non-experienced witches have to say about the subject.

Where can I find the free spells?

Here are the links to the major witchcraft spells sections:

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