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Spell to Change Your Eye Color

NOTE: Spells meant to change your physical appearance are for entertainment purposes only. There's a high demand for these spells, particularly from kids, so I've added a few to the site for those of you who wish to try them. I don't personally believe it's possible to change your eye color or physical appearance through the use of a spell, but that's merely my opinion. I haven't used the spell myself, so I can only tell you what other people have told me. Some say it worked for them, others say it didn't. Take from that what you will. None of the photos on this page are of people who used a spell to change their eye color. They're just pics of people with pretty and unique eyes. My purple eyes in the pic below have been edited.

Starwitch's purple eyes )O(

Laren Galloway, African-American with bright blue eyes.

Aishwarya Rai's exotic green eyes.

baby with blue eyes

You'll need at least one candle in the color you want to change your eyes to. You also need a pentacle. You can draw a pentacle if you don't have one. A pentacle is a star inside of a circle (see example below.)

pink pentacle

Light the candle(s) and sit in front of it/them and chant the following three or more times:

"One, two, three, eyes change for me,
One, two, three (natural color) to (desired color) I see."

Take a deep cleansing breath while you envision yourself with the new eye color, then chant this three or more times:

"By the power of three, so mote it be."

Again, visualize your eyes changing from their original color to the new color, then check the mirror.

Note: This spell may only last a day or so if only using one candle. And the color of the candle will be the new eye color!

Click here for another Eye-Color Changing Spell that was sent in by a forum member.

Note from Starwitch: I've received several letters from people saying that this spell didn't work for them. I've received about three or four from kids that said it did work for them, but as you can see from the letters below, they were mostly from people who changed their eye color from dark brown to light brown or from hazel to green. So it's not like they went from brown eyes to blue eyes.

Here are some letters I received from readers who used this spell successfully.

Dear Starwitch,

Thanks so much for the eye color changing spell. My eyes immediately went from a hazel to a forest green!
Your site has been most helpful to me, compared to the other witchcraft sites!

Thanks Much,

This is Courtney. I'm not a pagan, but I'm a little confused with something. It's not like I'm psychic, but I know when things are going to happen. I can't see it, but I know it. Also, that spell on your site. The eye color spell. I had very dark brown eyes. I used a really light brown candle and now my eyes show that color.


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