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Spell to Change Your Eye Color

These are some of my favorite pictures of beautiful eyes. You can use these photos as visualizations if you'd like. Just know that a lot of these pictures are digitally enhanced, contact lenses, or people who were born that way. These people didn't use a spell to make their eyes look like this.

Read my notes on the other Eye Color Changing Spell for more information (and if you have questions) about these spells.

child with green eyes
bradley cooper
black girl with blue eyes
asian girl with blue eyes
green eyes

This was sent in to me by a forum member. He took the original Eye Color Changing Spell and rewrote it, using hypnosis instead of ritual to make it work.

Relax yourself, sit comfortably... mirror is optional.

With your eyes closed, breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth...

As you breathe, visualize the breathing going to your irises... then focus on the breaths changing your eye color.

Breathe in, and visualize your current eye color...
Breathe out, and visualize your eyes changing to the color you wish to have.

There will be a tingling in the eyes, accompanied by the breathing.

I'm fairly sure that focusing on this change makes the brain's automated function (of eye color change) slightly more cognitive. Hopefully with persistence, this change can be permanent, but it takes devotion... say, a couple of minutes each day? Or whenever someone says "eyes" you can focus on your goal.

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