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Jar Spell to Stop a Trouble Maker

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You will need:

Write the name of the person on a piece of parchment/paper.

Fold it twice.

Take a lime and cut it twice, once diagonally and once horizontally, but don't cut it all the way into four pieces.

Place the paper or parchment inside the lime and hold it together with two long steel nails.

Place the lime into a clean glass jar and put into it some ash, salt and vinegar and screw the lid on tight. Keep the jar in a secure place where other people won't see it.

When you no longer have need of the jar, pour the contents onto the ground and then recycle the jar.

The ash and salt are supposed to thwart their efforts to cause you trouble of any kind, and the vinegar and lime should sour their own affairs at the same time.

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