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Is There a Curse on Me and My Family?

Hi Starwitch...

I'm not for sure, but I think maybe someone put a hex or curse on me and my family. I know my son's girlfriend's mother was into Wicca and witchcraft and such at one time and I also know she is heavily into meth and not a very nice person and personally HATES me...

Her daughter ran away from her to be with my son when she was 15. The police wouldn't help her because of her meth addiction and her abusive nature. I know, it's crazy, but they seriously just let her live with us. Since then we have had some very, very horrible things happen to us:

1. We have been so broke that we literally have no food in the house sometimes for 2 weeks at a time. This has never happened!

2. Our St. Bernard was hit by a car at Christmas and she miscarried a litter of puppies... a source of our income.

3. My middle son's girlfriend was in a car accident and died instantly in March.

4. My middle son and youngest son decided to try to live with their Dad at Christmas... just out of the blue. (Not a really bad thing as their Dad is a really good guy... but it was really strange timing.)

5. My mother's diabetes has been so out of control she can barely walk.

6. My oldest son lost his job.

7. My brother tried to kill himself in March.

8. My husband's car broke down and we have been unable to fix it... no money, don't know what is wrong with it.

9. My oldest son's girlfriend got pregnant... she had an abortion (and it just broke my heart). Her mother took her to 3 different places to have the abortion... the first 2 appointments she was late and had to re-schedule because of her mother.

10. My home has nearly been foreclosed on many, many times this year.

11. The plant my husband works at (that has been in the area for more than 40 years) is threatening to close.

12. I have gained about 40 lbs and I am already overweight.

13. I was approved for lap-band surgery and the very next day they took my insurance away for not having worked enough hours due to a knee surgery.

14. I had to have knee surgery in March.

15. I just found out my youngest son (age 14) is smoking.

16. My oldest son and his girlfriend are now having relationship problems.

I know the economy is bad. Maybe some of that is to blame. But I can tell you now... I can feel the negativity smothering my family and the strangeness surrounding our home. Something has been wrong for a while now. I don't know how much of this I can take!

Can you help me??

Thank you,
Hi Darlene,

All of us go through trials during our life. Some of us have horrible trials and some are not so horrible. Mine were horrible. Yours sound pretty horrible too, so I can definitely relate to the stress that you must be feeling.

Here's the trick... You have to train yourself to focus on what's right in your life as opposed to focusing on what's wrong. If you can manage to keep it together and come out okay in the end then you'll be stronger for having endured these trials. Your spirit is preparing you for something. The faster you get in touch with the spirit within you and let it use you for its purposes, the sooner your trials will lessen. When you're operating at a human ego level, you have to always be concerned about other people destroying you, since the ego exists only in our imagination. But once you tap into the power that's inside of you, you no longer have to worry about destruction. Spirit is not intimidated by crazy meth-head Wiccans or anyone else.

I have a page about curses. The answer that I gave to that lady is pretty much the same answer that I would give to you, so I'll give you the link to it:

Filled with hate - Is there a curse on me?

With all that said, it's possible that the girl that moved in with you has absorbed so much negative energy from her family that it's dragging your family down. But I'm guessing from your letter that you've had your share of problems that have nothing to do with her. She probably just added to the chaos and negativity that was already present, but was brewing just below the surface. Basically you're the only person who can improve the energy that surrounds you. It would be nice if the other residents of your home could also help. Maybe you could all sit down together and watch "The Secret". Have you seen that yet?

After you learn how to control your thoughts, and thus, your reality, you can also teach the other members of your household how to do this. You'll be doing them a huge service. This may also be the way in which God is using you. Writing to me might have been that event that sets things in motion for you if you choose to take advantage of this opportunity. I can tell you that wonderful things await you if you do take the leap.

Read that link I gave you and start practicing the suggestions given. If you are serious about making changes in your life, there are ways to achieve that. They aren't the quick fixes that witchcraft movies would lead you to believe though. You have to change your level of consciousness and then all else will follow suit.

Bright Blessings,
Thank you so much for your quick response. You certainly have been through a lot! I really don't blame Makayla for my bad luck, lol. Honestly, I am very, very sensitive to picking up feelings and cannot be in a room with her mother for very long before I feel truly physically ill and very tired. It's strange. There really is a lot of negativity there.

There are some negativity issues on the home front, too, of course. I really know I should be thankful that I still have a home and that my brother is still alive and that my son isn't suicidal over his girlfriend leaving him (yet... she is stringing him along). And the whole thing with his girlfriend is that, even though I force myself to stay out of it and let them work it out, I am also hurt and feel abandoned by her. She and I were close and I feel I really went out on a limb for her and then she up and leaves without telling us she is going! I was so scared I thought she might have been kidnapped or worse. Then to find out she was "hiding" because she "just needed to get away"... I was so angry and I did say some things I didn't mean but can't take back. And I am still very, very angry.

Then I began thinking about the rest of the year... all the things that happened to us this year that were awful... worse than any year I can ever remember! I will try very hard to look at the positive over the negative. I did hug her when we found her and told her "At least you are okay". I also am aware, more than most, that everything happens for a reason. But, geez... wouldn't it be nice if we could just cast a spell and it would all go hunky dory?? lol kidding.

Anyway, really... thank you so very much for your encouragement. I really, really needed it!

Hi Darlene,

I didn't catch anything in the first email about the girlfriend running away from your home. The only time I have ever run away from people is when I was afraid they would hurt me. Do you suppose that your son could be being unkind to her? Have your children ever witnessed you being abused or have they themselves been abused? You don't necessarily have to answer that. I just wanted to suggest to you that abuse is like an energy that tends to stay around families that are involved in it, so that if you yourself have been involved in abusive relationships, the likelihood of your children doing the same is pretty high. If her own mother was abusive to her, it's not likely that she's going to be able to choose healthy relationships with boys. She'll almost certainly choose to be with boys who are unkind to her since she feels worthless due to the abuse her own family inflicted upon her. (The cycle is really endless unless you put the effort into stopping it.)

I terminated a pregnancy when I was 17. I realize that it must hurt to lose a potential grandchild. Maybe it will comfort you to hear that in all of the spiritual books I've read they always say that when there is an abortion, that the event was planned that way from the beginning. It's meant as a growing experience for the pregnant woman and those around her.

If there was a soul assigned to her that's supposed to be her baby then that soul will come through as another child at a future date. The spirits know everything in advance and they don't usually assign souls to fetuses that will be aborted. When I think of the horrors that my child and I would have gone through had I completed the pregnancy, I cringe. The boyfriend who got me pregnant murdered another human being a mere six months after the pregnancy. What if he had been the father of my child?

If you're a sensitive person, you may actually be picking up her feelings about the abortion. You might try some energy blocking techniques so that everyone else's issues don't affect you quite so deeply. Everyone has trials to go through in life and it certainly sounds as though your family is being hit with a bad time right now. If you can be strong enough to give them the encouragement to pull through, you will all come out better for it in the end.

There is something you should know... There's a shift in global consciousness happening right now. The people who can evolve to this new way of thinking and being are going to be the ones who live more peacefully and happily. Those who resist and who cling to their old ways will have a much more difficult time. Suicide rates and murder rates will likely get higher and higher until this shift is over. I believe that we're in the tribulation that the Bible speaks of, but I think it's different from what they believed it to be. They believe that Christ is going to return. What they don't realize is that Christ is already here within many of us as the "Christ Consciousness" or "Global Consciousness" that you may have heard about. Once this energy starts to work through you, your life starts to change in big (though sometimes subtle) ways.

My life is a good example of how someone can totally change once they've accessed this energy and made it a part of themselves. I haven't had the opportunity to take the drug ecstasy, but from what I've heard of it, it seems that people are changed for the better for having used it. It gives them a new perspective so that they are able to see that everyone is connected and that love is the connecting factor. I am really excited about the potential for world peace once enough people absorb this new consciousness. But life could be very difficult for those who refuse to accept this new way of being. It's the difference between being on God's side and being on the side of evil (which is really not "evil", as much as it's just ignorance and negative thinking.) If you're in the sphere of negativity, then all you'll attract into your life will be negative things. All the people you know will have negative problems and dramas. But once you move out of that energy and move into a positive energy, everything changes. You attract positive energies, people, and circumstances into your life.

It's exactly like a city. There are parts of the city where, if you live there, you are surrounded by negativity, drama, and pain. But if you move out to the country or suburbs, where your neighbors live simple, peaceful lives, you'll find that your own energies begin to smooth out and life starts improving for you. Think of your thoughts, other people, energy, and everything else in that context and then decide that you want to start moving towards the Light and away from darkness. Spend some time each day, as often as you can, imagining how wonderful life will be once you are living in that energy.

I sincerely hope that things start to lighten up for you soon. It's good that you're drained by being around negative energy. I'm the same way. That means that you have more Light in you than the negative people do. This means that you're actually bringing Light to them and helping to bring them out of darkness. But don't drain yourself or you won't be any good to anyone. Only allow yourself to be around people like this when you feel that you're strong enough to handle it. I'm not usually strong enough to be around anyone like that in person for any length of time. It's much easier for me to simply advise people over the Internet and not have to feel their energy full-force.

Life can be tough, for sure. The only things we get to bring back with us (to God) in the end are knowledge and love, so try to get as much of both of those as possible and then when you pass over you and God (who are actually the same in the larger sense) will both be very pleased with the way things went in your life.

Bright Blessings,

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