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Storm Spell

You will need:

Light the candle.

Pour the water into the bowl and say:
"Rains of time for what it's worth
empty thine eyes upon this earth."
Stir the water with a spoon. Imagine a huge storm cell forming.

Place the broom into the water, broom brings the winds.

Say this:
"Winds shall follow effortlessly
tearing through every limb of tree"
Continue to stir the mixture, imagining the storm getting bigger.

Add the rice, this is to cause the downpour.

Just start stirring really fast.

Add the hot wax from the candle... and say:

"Lightning strike quick and long,
make it last, make it strong"
Add the salt - the salt seals the mixture - and say:
"By the power of three times three, let it be"Take the mixture and throw it outside into the wind.

Now if I were you, I would seriously make a protection mixture and sprinkle it on your windowsills.

There is not a way that I know of to stop the coming storm, so be prepared.

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