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The Rose of Love Spell

Roses by Denise P. Garbis

Those who have not yet found their true love should cast this spell. You don't need to perform the usual rituals apart from consecrating the things you are going to use.

You will need:

The night before casting this spell, find out the time at which the sun will rise the following morning, and just before you go to bed put the red rose on your altar with a red candle on either side of it. Set your alarm for a few minutes before sunrise.

When you are awakened, take the rose outside, face the dawn (or if you live in an apartment, stand before an open window facing east) and say:

As red is the color of true love
And rose its flower,
Let true love come to me.
And it harm none, so mote it be.

Return the rose to its place on the altar and light the two candles. Focus on the flames for a moment or two, trying to visualize love warming the heart of your true love.

When the candles burn down, use the flames of the dying candles to light replacements until the rose has faded.

When it is dead, extinguish the candles either by snuffing them with your fingers or with a candle snuffer and bury the dead flower.

As it rots in the ground, love will be kindled in the heart of your true love and he or she will come to you.

From The Book of Spells: Positive Enchantments to Enhance Your Life by Michael Johnstone

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