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Protection Against the School Bully

Items Needed:

When to perform this spell: On the full moon

School bullies are a fact of life, whether you are ten years old or a university student. As the spells in this book are not designed to manipulate other people, the following spell to protect yourself from school bullies is directed at stopping them from hurting you.

What to do:

Using the white-out or white marker pen, write the following words on the black cardboard:

"No bully will see me."

On the other side of the cardboard, draw the following symbol (it doesn't have to be any particular color):

mayan symbol

This is the Mayan symbol of zero. It is also linked to the Egyptian magical talisman against the "evil eye," which is itself in the shape of an eye. By combining the words and the symbol, you are saying that the bully will not see you, and that his or her actions will come to naught.

Place the amulet in a pencil case and keep it in your bag. By placing the amulet in a pencil case and keeping the zipper shut, you are also keeping your local bullies in the dark, so that their actions will not harm you.

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