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The Spell of Nine Knots

Cord magick requires you to charge each knot with your energy and can be used for any situation you wish. For example, for healing, keep the cord with you till the spell is complete. For negativity, bury the cord or put away after the completion of the spell.

In a quiet place, light two candles of the appropriate color and incense. Place the cord(13 inches) of the appropriate color in the middle of the candles. Tie the knots as follows:



Make the sign of the pentacle and say:
Gracious Lady
I ask that you bless this cord
As I perform this rite.

Concentrate on the goal then say:
By the knot of one, the spell is now begun,
By the knot of two, my words are true,
By the knot of three, it comes to me,
By the knot of four, may the spell be strengthened more,
By the knot of five, may the spell come alive,
By the knot of six, the spell is fixed,
By the knot of seven, may the power through me be given,
By the knot of eight, may the power within be great,
By the knot of nine, may the thing I wish for be mine.
In the name of the Lady
The spell is cast
So Mote It Be

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