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Mirror Gazing to Contact the
Spirit of a Deceased Loved One

This technique can be used during Samhain or any time of the year.

Below is Raymond Moody's mirror-gazing method. You can find the link to his book at the bottom of the page. Dr. Moody's patients have had great success using his mirror gazing method to communicate with departed loved ones and find healing for their grief.

Dr. Moody got the idea for this from the psychomanteums that the ancient Greeks used. He built his own psychomanteum and allows people to use it to visit with their loved ones who have passed over. He gives instructions in his book for how to built your own psychomanteum so you can mirror-gaze in the privacy of your own home. The book gives more detail on the technique. I've written a basic outline of it here for you.

  1. This should be done in a dark and quiet room. Use a fan or a white noise device to block outside noises (ear plugs may also work). The lack of light and noise assists you in achieving a deeper meditative state while making it less likely that you'll be startled out of your trance by outside noises.
  2. Set up a large mirror with a place for you to sit, either in the floor or on a chair. You should be seated so that you can see into the mirror, but not see your own reflection. So sit at an angle to the mirror.
  3. Place a lit candle behind you. It will provide indirect light. You shouldn't be able to see the candle flame. It's meant to put out a very dim light in the room.
  4. Gather personal items from the spirit that you wish to connect with and lay them around you close enough to touch them from your seated position in front of the mirror.
  5. Sit quietly in front of the mirror and hold one of the items that remind you of your loved one. Think about your loved one and mentally ask them to come and communicate with you.
  6. You may close your eyes or look away from the mirror as you take some time to relax. Breathe deeply. An easy way to relax is to breathe in to the slow count of five, hold the breath for five seconds, then breathe out very slowly to the count of five. After you do this several times you will notice that you are very relaxed.
  7. With unfocused eyes, gaze into the mirror. You will eventually begin to see the mirror clouding over. Try not to focus on the cloudy shapes that pass by. Just let them pass and keep staring off into the space, into the mirror.
  8. Continue gazing at the clouded mirror as you reach out and touch the other items around you and/or connect with the energy of the item in your hand. If you have a piece of fabric or a cologne bottle that smells like your loved one, pick it up and smell it as you continue gazing.
  9. If you are in a deep enough trance state, you will eventually begin to see the clouds taking the form of a human shape or shapes. Or you may hear your loved one's voice speak to you, either aloud or in your mind. Many people using this technique have seen (in the mirror) their loved one walk up and stand next to them and they had a conversation or a mental exchange of thoughts and feelings. Sometimes the loved one will appear to you and simply smile or wave. You may first see a group of people and then your loved one will walk out from the group to greet you.

A black mirror may be used in place of a regular mirror, but they are harder to find. Trophy shops or online occult stores may have them.

You will almost certainly want to talk to someone about what happened so make sure that you have a friend or relative you can call afterward (or who is there waiting in another room). The visit with your loved one could be emotional, although most people feel elated after such a visit.

Occasionally you will want to see a particular person, but another person will show up instead. Try to accept the spirit who visits you and see if they have a message to give you. They may have been sent on behalf of the person you wanted to see.

To learn more about this technique and read inspiring success stories from people who have used it, get a copy of Dr. Raymond Moody's book Reunions: Visionary Encounters With Departed Loved Ones. This book may be found at used bookstores and libraries.

Dr. Moody also offers information about contacting the deceased, as well as more on how the Greeks used psychomanteums to contact the dead on his DVDs, which can be found here: Life After Life by Raymond Moody

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