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Spell to Make a New Friend

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Light a white candle.

Stare into the candlelight while taking three slow deep breaths.

Visualize having a new friend who you love to be around. You two have fun together, share intimate conversations, and tell each other your secrets. See the two of you laughing together and hugging (if you like to hug your friends.)

Hold that picture for as long as you can.


Gracious Goddess, hear my plea,
and bring a new best friend to me.

or if you prefer:

Fire and Rain, Earth and Air
Listen to my urgent prayer
Please bless me with a new best friend,
Someone honest and true until the end.

Write a note to your new friend, telling her how excited you were to meet her. Write it as though it has already happened. Say anything to her that you'd like. Thank her for being such a good friend to you and always being there when you need her.

Read your note at least once a day or more until your new friend arrives. If you'd like, you can keep the letter close to you to remind you to think about her. The more you think about her and visualize having her in your life, the more your vibrations will attract her to you. (Just be sure not to act desperate or needy around people, as that will scare them away.)

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