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Make Yourself More Desirable

This is a simple and easy love spell that takes no time at all. You don't need a lot of ingredients and they won't be hard to find. This spell will make you much more desirable and is sure to raise your confidence.

You will need:


Take the candle and place it on a table or your altar.

Now take the olive oil and rub onto the candle, starting in the middle and going up, then starting in the middle, going down.

While purifying the candle with the oil, you want to recharge the candle with love and desire, so visualize love and channel all your emotion into the candle.

After the oil is finished, take a knife and carve what it is you want into the candle.

Example: "Peter loves me."

After you've finished enscribing the candle, simply light it and concentrate on love and throw as much emotion (love) into the flame of the candle as possible. You may even want to add words if you wish.

Sit and do this until the candle has burned out.

Make sure you are comfortable and won't be bothered.

The more you feel sexy, the more this spell will work for you!

Once the candle has burned out, the spell is finished.

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