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Healing a Relationship or Friendship

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I get a lot of people asking me for spells, love spells, spells to make someone stop doing this, that, or the other.

Recently I, too, was faced with a situation where another person was making things very difficult for me.

I surveyed my situation and did what I always do. I asked myself if there was any way possible in the mundane world that I could correct things myself.

Having done all I could there, I was still faced with a problem I could not fix, nor live with.

So, I began to reflect? (Very important to thoroughly think through before beginning the process of spell work.)

Here's my thought process:

  1. I cannot, nor should not, attempt to control another person. that's unethical, and not healthy.
  2. If the person understood how their actions affect me, would they do differently? My answer was probably not.
  3. If I understood why they are doing the "thing", would it affect how I treat them? Yes.
  4. Could their actions be affected by my actions? Absolutely.

So I surmised that what I really needed was not a spell to control the other person, but a spell to help me see them, and why they behave in such a way, more clearly. After all, it takes two to make a relationship and to make an argument - as well as two to make peace. And a spell that would show them I am not their enemy; a spell that fosters love and understanding; a spell for clarity and a spell for insight. I can't change how someone treats me, but I can change how I respond to them, and insight to know the best way to go about that is a must.

I am including the spell below:

You will need


Write the person's name to which you wish to be reconciled on the side with a straight pen, and then add a plus symbol and your name.

*Dress* the candle rubbing in an upward position with jasmine oil. Next, rub on sage and catnip.

For three nights in a row as you light the candle, read this incantation:

I cannot force you to behave,
A good friendship [or relationship] is what I crave,
A unity of peace and mutual respect,
A showing of love in every aspect.
I call to the unending wisdom of Danu,
To give to me insight on just how to reach you,
To question my motives, and search for the good,
To look beyond flaws, so you feel understood,
To open your eyes too, so you understand,
That a love worth having is worth fighting for,
That you cherish those that love you and love them back more.

Burn for a few minutes each day before bed. Always extinguish all candles before going to bed. I'm forgetful, so I will set a timer on my phone to remind me to extinguish. Never blow out a candle, always snuff. It is offensive to the elements to blow it out.

Copyright Lady Earthsong/Everything Under the Moon

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