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The Golden Cord of Manifestation

From Silver's Spells for Prosperity by Silver Ravenwolf

Regardless of what some witches say about Silver Ravenwolf, she's actually a very good author and I've enjoyed her books and recommend them to witches. I really like her "Silver's Spells for..." series. You can find links to the rest of the books here.

The following is more of an exercise than it is a spell. You'll need to practice to become proficient. That's okay. A little work is good for the soul, and keeps you from getting bored.



Hold your hands over the supplies and ask for blessings in the name of your chosen deity for the purpose of prosperity. On the piece of paper, write something that you wish to manifest. It can be a large or small item or goal. (Remember, bigger things usually take longer to manifest.) Hold the paper and blow on it three times. Put the paper in the box.

Tie one end of the cord around the box. Hold the gold candle in your hand and think about what you want to manifest, then think of how you felt at a time when you had what you wanted. In your mind, link that emotional feeling to the picture of what you wish to manifest now. Light the candle. Try to hold on to that feeling as long as you can.

Close your eyes. Begin running the free end of the cord through your hands while you think about what you want to manifest. Picture yourself drawing your desire through the cord and into your hands. Keep moving the cord through your hands until you get to the box. Hold the box in your hands and continue to think about what you wish to manifest. See yourself happy and holding the desire (or having the energy of the desire around you). Try not to let negative thoughts intrude. Hold the box until you feel your energy rise or feel a slight tingling in your hands. Take a deep breath and open your eyes. Put out the candle.

Repeat this exercise every day until you receive your desire or until twenty-eight days have passed. If you do not have the goal in twenty-eight days, get a fresh candle and begin again. Over the twenty-eight days, be consciously aware of opportunities that may present themselves to you, especially if this is a non-material goal. Be sure to accept those opportunities. Once you have manifested the goal, burn the paper and begin with a new goal or desire. Don't stop after one goal or manifestation. Keep going. This is a great exercise for any student, and can be done in a group format.

Note: Do not work yourself into a tizzy over this exercise. I got carried away and couldn't sleep, so I just kept repeating the exercise until I fell into a dead stupor, which got me nothing but frustrated and grumpy the next day.

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