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Spell to Find a Lost Pet
Make Your Pet Return

Fractal art of a kitten

Use Tarot (or a Picture)
to Find Your Lost Pet

by Janina Renee, Tarot Spells (Llewellyn's New Age Tarot Series), 1990

The Tarot doesn't actually have any cards specifically pertaining to animals. However, many decks use animals as symbols in some of the illustrations.

For spells involving animals, we can use these cards, concentrating on the animal in the picture and ignoring the card's conventional meaning. The spells here use the Rider-Waite deck, but if you are using another deck, you will want to look it over to see whether it uses the same animals as Waite, and also whether it has other cards that show animals.

Cards that can be used as significators for animals include:

If you don't find the above-mentioned possible significator cards satisfactory, you can also use a picture of the animal or animals in place of a Tarot card to be the significator.

The layout is cross-shaped, as the cross is an ancient symbol of protection appropriate for the protective feelings many of us have toward animals, and especially the concern we feel for lost animals.

The Six of Cups, which forms the base of this cross, is a card that rekindles love and renews old ties, acting to draw the lost animal back to its home and to the people who love it.

The Magician stands for the utilization of resources, and assures that all measures will be taken and all efforts utilized in the search.

The Star brings luck and hope--elements very necessary to such an undertaking.

The Hermit reveals where that which is lost may be found. Here, The Hermit shines his lamp on the card chosen to represent the lost pet.

If you wish to use accessories for this spell, use pink candles, flowers, crystals, gemstones and cloth, as pink is the color of affectionate love. If possible, also have some pictures of the missing pet laid out. (You can also include pieces of hair, feathers, whiskers or such from the pet in question.) Also, for this particular spell you will need to have a lit candle nearby, whether or not you choose to include lighting candles as part of this ritual.

To perform this spell, you can proceed by laying out the cards and doing the following meditation, visualization, and affirmation.


Lay out the cards when you come to the appropriate point in the spell.

Lay the animal's Significator down first. Visualize the animal, recalling its features and mannerisms to the best of your ability. Picture the missing pet being drawn to the light of the candles--to the light of love. Hold your hands above the candle flames for a few moments. Feel the warmth of the candles, and visualize the light of the candles acting as a beacon to lead the animal home.

Lay down the Six of Cups, and think about all of the good times you and your pet have had together. Try to remember the day you first got your pet, what they were like as a youngster, etc.

As you lay down The Magician, consider the various courses of action that may be taken in the search for your pet.

Lay down The Star, a card for wishing. Make a wish for your pet to return.

Finally, lay down The Hermit, visualizing your pet being found or returned, and how happy you both will be to be reunited.


After you have finished meditating on the cards and visualizations, carefully, and with as much feeling as you can, recite the following affirmation:

"As I set forth these cards in the light of these candles, the small friend for whom I have so much love is drawn home to me!

I do not cease trying to find my friend until he/she returns home.

I call upon all good spirits and all good powers who care about small and helpless creatures to aid me in my search!

My small friend (name of pet) is brought home through the spell which I call forth.

It shines like a beacon that my animal friend can see!

As my will, so mote it be!"

You may consider the spell closed at this point, or you may close the spell as desired.

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