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Fertility Spell 2

swaddled baby
Anne Geddes Photography

This spell is best performed on a Full Moon on a Monday evening around 7:30.

You will need:

  1. First take a ritual bath using patchouli or cinnamon oil
  2. Have all of your spell ingredients close at hand
  3. Light your incense and cast your circle your usual way, call your quarters if necessary.
  4. Invite the Fertility Goddess of your pantheon (or any) to come and sit in your circle to assist you and listen to you.
  5. Take the bowl of fresh soil and sprinkle dirt all around your circle and say: "this is the soil from whence the Great Mother shall provide."
  6. Take your baby blanket and spread it lovingly on your altar or spell table and say: "this is the wrap that shall warm my wee one."
  7. Take your green candle and place it in the center. Take the blue candle and place it on the left of the green one. Take the pink candle and place it on the right of the green one. While doing this say: "these are the candles that fire the womb."
  8. Now take the green candle from its holder and oil it with cinnamon or patchouli and focus on your baby. See the essence of the baby. See yourself big and pregnant then see yourself giving birth. Next, see yourself holding your baby in your arms. Put the green candle back it its holder.
  9. Light the blue candle then light the pink candle. Now take both candles and using both, light the green candle and say:

"Pink for a girl and blue for a boy
Wee one you will bring such joy.
Fill up this womb with baby's life
Goddess hear my heartfelt cries.
I am strong and I am worthy
To lead this baby on its life journey.
And so tonight with child is me
This is my spell, so mote it be!"

Now, take your pen or pencil and on each slip of paper, write down your favorite name for a boy and your favorite name for a girl. Fold the papers up and place them in your small box. Set the box in front of the green candle and allow the candle to burn all the way down. You can move this to a safe burning place if need be. Go and make passionate love to your husband/lover. Once the candle has burned down, take the small box and put it in a safe place. Do not dwell on getting pregnant. Forget about the spell.

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