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Reiki Distance Healing and the Courtroom

The public awareness of Reiki energy healing has come a long way since I started my Reiki practice years ago. I remember trying ever so hard to explain what Reiki was to those who were open and curious. Today, Reiki energy healing has become pretty much mainstream. Chances are, if you stop someone on the street, I venture to guess that at least 50% have at least heard of it. Many people have had their first experience with Reiki in a hospital setting. Either they were ill, or a dear one was in need of healing. Physical healing is what comes to mind when most think of this intelligent energy.

After facilitating hundreds of Reiki treatments, most of which were remote, I have come to appreciate Reiki for its gentle power and versatility. The divine intelligence of Reiki energy is not limited to physical ailments. A very mainstream event such as a court hearing or trial can benefit greatly from the subtle influence of Reiki energy.

Can Reiki influence the result of the proceedings? Absolutely. The intent of all Reiki sessions would be for the "highest and best" outcome. How this translates into healing depends on how the Reiki is directed. If the Reiki is directed to an individual, then that individual will be more peaceful and centered. The outcome will be for their highest and best, regardless of what that might be. Reiki does not rob you of your life lessons. It does make a difference as to how you deal with the events at hand. It will not take from others so that you will benefit.

What if one wants energy directed to the whole courtroom, from the judge, to the clerks, to the attending officers? In fact, what if you want Reiki directed to every soul in that courtroom? In such a case, one needs to be careful in respecting the rights of each individual. One cannot force Reiki upon another soul. The soul simply would not accept it. Yet, it is most respectful to not even try to impose Reiki without permission. A way to adhere to the ethics of Reiki while still positively affecting the events of the proceeding would be to send Reiki energy to "the situation". In doing so, the whole room would be filled with Reiki energy. The possibility of violent outbursts would be greatly reduced. Those individuals willing to accept the energy would simply draw from it and reap the benefits. These choices are all on a soul level thus not consciously selected.

There have been many court outcomes that have been discreetly influenced by the power of Reiki. It is reassuring to know that in those instances, the highest and best did prevail for all those involved.

About the author:
Anna Pizzoferrato is a certified Reiki Usui, Karuna and Shamballa Master/Teacher. Her passion and specialty is Reiki Distance Energy Healing. Visit Reiki With Trust for more.

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