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Visualization for Dissolving a Harmful Bond

Take yourself back in time in your mind to a time when you were with your abuser (but nothing very traumatic was happening at the time). Attune yourself to visualize the energy connection between the two of you. You may find that it is a very painful thing to see. (My own experience the first time I made up this ritual and attempted it was that of a web of lines of negative energy that were almost painful simply to look at, which connected me to an abuser.) Visualize a light - whatever color and style of energy works best for you - emanating from yourself and dissolving the bond(s) between you and the abuser you are visualizing. Keep visualizing this until you no longer see any bond between the two of you; this may take several sessions of visualization to accomplish. After each visualization session, treat yourself to a hot, soaking bath that has a calming scent - such as lavender - in it. If you wish, turn out the lights and light candles to add to peaceful atmosphere. (If something feels more appropriate than taking a bath, feel free to do that instead.) After the final session - or if you are successful during the first one - be sure to be extra loving to yourself and give yourself an extra treat.

by Ashley Ravenwood

Excerpted from the article "Techniques to Utilize in Healing from Abuse."

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