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Starwitch, You've Gone Over to the Dark Side!


I'm sorry to hear when anyone has gone to "Darth Vader's dark side".

I believe that there are only two kinds of powers - good and evil - and there is no mixing of the two.

Many people with a spiritual void in their life are often drawn into the New Age lifestyle. They often blame their decision on some "church-goer" who wronged them. (Do they also turn from food because some food-eater wronged them? ...air-breathers?) Then they are drawn to and by others with similar leanings.

We all make our own decisions, but sometimes we are unaware of what we are really getting ourselves into.

I believe that Jesus Christ is the only Son of God and He is the only way to Heaven. I also believe that Satan is tirelessly trying to snatch us up. He dangles pretty, shiny things everywhere and we sometimes don't know that they have hooks in them.


Dear Phil, Thank you so much for your concern. I realize that you must believe in the Christian faith wholeheartedly, as I used to. The problem for me was, the Christian church never explained the purpose of life. I think the Christians do have this knowledge, but the majority of Christians are not at a place where they want to hear it yet. I do think that's changing though, and the more I learn, the more I'm able to see Christianity with new eyes and I'm beginning to accept it on a new level of understanding.

I take issue with the church telling people that all they have to do is "believe in Jesus" and they will be saved forever throughout all eternity. There's a vast amount of spiritual literature written throughout the ages that indicates that we're here on Earth to actually do more than that. Believing in Christ is the first step for many people, and is certainly a valid path, but too many people stop right there in their search for God. They don't go the extra step of discovering how God resides within them and is working through them to prepare the Earth for the "thousand years of peace" that is to come. People believe that God is going to show up on actual, physical horses in the sky and rapture us all us to heaven, then bring us back down to live in peace on Earth. Sure, maybe that will happen. Or maybe it's symbolic, like many other stories in the Bible.

My view is that God is preparing the Earth for that time when he (or she) will be able to fully manifest through humans. The Earth will be God's physical playground where he can express himself in a way that isn't possible in spirit. When all humans are in touch with the God part of themselves - that inner voice that guides you toward truth - then all humanity will be guided by the same Spirit and the same intention. We will then be able to live in accord with one another, creating peace on Earth and utopia for God to manifest physically through. This is what I believe Christ meant when he said that he would return.

When I was in the Christian church, I prayed for years to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I wanted it so badly. I even went to a Binny Hinn show, thinking I would be graced with it there. I didn't receive it in those days. But after soul searching for many years, looking inside and outside myself for truth, one night this past spring I was finally blessed with this beautiful gift from God. It was the Christ Consciousness enveloping me. It was total bliss and ecstasy. I had to lay down to receive it and bask in it. This energy stayed with me for over an hour. During this time, I felt that I had merged with God, the Great Spirit, All That Is. The feeling was like none other.

Afterward, I understood what the Christian mystics and saints had meant when they spoke of being taken over by the Holy Spirit. It was the same thing that the Buddhist monks call "Enlightenment" and yoga practitioners call "Samadhi". It is not necessary to practice a certain religion to achieve this state of oneness and bliss, although it can be reached through traditional religious paths. This state of being is the entire reason that religion exists. This is what happened to Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. It's the same experience that Mohammad had in the cave. All religions are based on this experience of bliss and ecstasy and oneness. Jesus was trying to teach us how to live in this state, but his teachings were intentionally misinterpreted by the Catholic church and turned into something less. Now instead of experiencing God, according to the churches all you need do is believe in God/Jesus and you will be saved. I think they're doing a grave disservice to humanity by watering down Christ's teachings the way they've done.

I find it unconscionable that the church doesn't use its power to help save the Earth. God created the heavens and the Earth and it's not ours to destroy. It is God's. The mentality of religious people has mostly been that the Earth was given to us to do whatever we please with, to use up and throw away and God will create a new one for us. They haven't considered that perhaps we are actually the caretakers of the Earth and that God is working through us (or trying to at least) to create a peaceful Earth.

Anyway, I could obviously go and on and on about these things, but I know that when your mind has been closed to new ideas it's exceedingly difficult to see things in any way except the usual way. Most people never question their beliefs. They think they're doing God a favor, but God gave us curiosity for a reason. There are endless wonders to be known and seen in this Universe. I cannot be held back by the limited belief system of a particular faith. Even Christians can't agree on what the Bible says. There are 39,000 different Christian denominations. What makes you certain that the one you believe in is the right one? (Because that's the one you were raised in and you haven't questioned it?) I look forward to the time when all of the denominations and religions begin looking for what the different faiths have in common with each other instead of focusing on the ways in which they are different. This is how we'll find peace. I believe that the "devil" is the ego, that part of you that close-mindedly insists on being right because it's existence is threatened if you decide to replace it with the perfect god-self that lives inside of you.

Bright Blessings and Love,

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