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Psychic Reading Script

You have a need for other people to like and admire you, and yet you tend to be critical of yourself. While you have some personality weaknesses you are generally able to compensate for them. You have considerable unused capacity that you have not turned to your advantage. You are disciplined and self-controlled on the outside, but tend to be worrisome and insecure on the inside.

At times you have serious doubts as to whether you have made the right decision or done the right thing. You prefer a certain amount of change and variety and become dissatisfied when hemmed in by restrictions and limitations. You also pride yourself as an independent thinker; and do not accept others' statements without satisfactory proof. But you have found it unwise to be too frank in revealing yourself to others. At times you are extroverted, wary and reserved. Some of your aspirations tend to be rather unrealistic.

I am seeing here a new beginning, a fresh start in your life dear one. I feel that you will be faced with important choices and decisions needing to be made as you begin this new life-cycle which may not have been planned, and there will be difficult challenges ahead involving a degree of risk. However, I sense that if you approach these with energy and optimism, a positive outcome is indicated.

I want to say that you are an intelligent and skillful communicator and possess the self-confidence and drive to translate ideas into productive action. These talents should be used in a new opportunity presenting itself in a practical rather than a theoretical sphere, most likely in business or politics. It may be a risky venture but your strength of will and ability to channel your energies into achieving desired results will ensure success.

What I am getting indicated here is good judgment and self-discipline for you dearest. The heart rather than the head, intuition rather than reason, should be the guide in making an important decision. This guidance however may in fact derive from another person who is going to assist you. I am drawn to say that there is something hidden, facts/influences, affecting your current state.

What I am being shown is harmony & satisfaction in many aspects of your life, particularly those relating to physical and emotional well-being: families, relationships, and the home. Maternal influences are strongly indicated as well as the birth of a child (not necessarily yours directly), or indeed a successful marriage.

A powerful flow of artistic creativity and inspiration are also suggested. I want to talk about the fact that I am seeing a vision that signifies a very powerful male influence in your life, one involving leadership and authority; it may be you, or a person or institution around you angel!! I am being given a representation of self-discipline, organization, stability and action as the path to fulfillment.

I get your life spreading out in a positive manner. A good indicator of promotion or a move to a new position of responsibility and respect, one in which these qualities can be exercised is also being given. I can see advice and guidance from a professional source - teacher, lawyer, spiritual adviser, etc. - either being sought by you or offered by you in one of these capacities.

Orthodoxy and conformity is in your life, and observation of moral, religious or social conventions of your culture will bring you greatest fulfillment. Love is being represented in your life (possibly rekindled) and happy relationships. At a deeper level, an important choice to be made in some sphere of your life, one for which there are several - often conflicting - options to be weighed up, is signified.

This is clearly worrying you but due to consideration you will resolve any internal struggles and lead ultimately to the correct decision. A period of intense hard work, an uphill struggle against setbacks and problems is indicated. The time scale is fluid: it may belong to the past, the present, or the near future but a good outcome is assured.

This will be a result of the character traits signified: confidence, strength of purpose, organizational ability and endurance. Harnessing these in pursuit of your goal will overcome all obstacles. Justice and fair treatment is being signified for you, not only in legal entanglements but in any sphere where judgments are to be made or disputes resolved. If a legal judgment is awaited, then it will likely be in your favor.

On another level I do urge you to seek equilibrium between opposing forces in your life, material and spiritual, physical and mental, rational and intuitive. I am going to stress the need for you to stand back from a situation, even remove yourself physically from it, so as to evaluate your circumstances. The need for a period of quiet inner reflection, where you will be able to assess your true needs and aims, free from everyday pressures is indicated.

By searching deep within yourself in this way, you will find the solution to long-term directions in life or to more immediate difficulties. The end of one cycle in your life and the start of a new one are signified. Often this will be the result of events or circumstances out with your control but the changes will nevertheless be positive.

Your ability to cope with, and overcome, your problems by facing up to them with courage, determination and perseverance is being indicated, rather than trying to avoid them. You're being urged to control negative impulses such as jealousy, anger and spite, and instead to direct this emotional energy into more positive expressions in order to overcome obstacles to happiness and fulfillment.

Recovery of health and well-being is indicated as well. Change and sacrifice are being signified. You face a turning point in your life, one offering different paths to follow. Difficult but necessary sacrifices will be made in pursuing the elected route, although others may not understand this. This sacrifice may be material or may involve abandoning a former viewpoint, but whatever their nature, they will ultimately lead to a new sense of spirituality and emotional fulfillment.

Major changes in your life and the complete severance from an existing set of circumstances are signified. Such a dramatic transformation is not without pain or sense of loss but ultimately, you will accept the changes as necessary and welcome the fresh start they bring in their wake. The ending of friendships, marriage or divorce, career moves, or moving house could all be signified but these may not necessarily be wholly negative developments for you.

A period of confidence and optimism for you are signified, with the result that any problems arising during this period will be handled well! I urge you to assess carefully your circumstances and to strike a balance between opposing forces within yourself to give peace of mind and release inner tensions. Moderation and self-control in all aspects of your physical life are also highlighted.

Entrapment is being signified for you. This can take various forms: you may be bound into a situation from which there is no escape or to people or passions that cloud reason and judgment. You may seek to deny this bondage and your weaknesses. Yet you may also clearly recognize them but feel powerless to break free, circumstances leading to feelings of anger and frustration.

Disruption, trauma and conflict are being signified. The experiences being indicated for you will not be pleasant and will, probably, be unforeseen: accidents, illnesses, loss of job, house or faith are all possible outcomes. Yet bad as this may seem, a potentially mitigating interpretation of it can be made: with a determined and positive attitude, you can use such traumatic changes to provide new beginnings and opportunities for self-improvement.

A period of calm and serenity is being signified for you. Difficulties are resolved and the path ahead becomes much clearer. A physical or spiritual renewal is indicated. A welcoming vision following a period of illness, or one which your true beliefs have been severely tested! Confidence, hope, inspiration and attainment of cherished goals will all be features of your life.

I am getting a warning served for you that all is not what it seems sweetie. Confusions, muddles and misunderstandings abound, due to either your own self-delusion regarding a situation or from someone else's dishonesty. Such circumstances are likely to be weighing heavily on your spirit, perhaps resulting in disillusionment and depression.

I am urging you to rely on your instincts and intuition, rather than rational assessments, when seeking possible solutions to your difficulties. It's being indicated that positive influences are at work in your life: personal achievement, material success, happiness and contentment are all signified. You possess both the skills and the drive to achieve your ambitions and I am getting you will do so and receive recognition for your accomplishments sweetheart.

This is a very welcoming message to come through if you're getting married, wanting to have children, or starting out on a new venture. Transitory phases are being indicated. In this case, however, the changes signified are the natural, logical conclusion of events, rather than an abrupt ending. It is possible that you are facing a major decision which will begin the new phase, if so then you will be able to make it with confidence that your choice will be the right one.

In this position, you will be able to review recent events with some satisfaction for what you have accomplished. I am yet again being shown a representation of change, in this case, the successful conclusion to one phase of your life or experience and the start of another. Fulfillment and material success are indicated, but so too is a greater spiritual awareness.

You will feel that prior restrictions and limitations on you are now removed, ushering in a new sense of freedom and peace. On another level, travel - particularly overseas - is signified because the sun, moon and sky will be aligned in such a fashion with conjunction to your star that positivity will gush through. The start of a new enterprise is signified.

Traditionally, this will be a new job or some other business venture, but could also be interpreted as the actual birth of a child. Whatever the particular focus, creativity, enthusiasm, innovation and ambition are all indicated and shown that you will be able to use these skills with great force to achieve your desire. I am being passed on the successful attainment of targets and the due rewards this brings to you (financial security, promotion, etc.).

It is also strongly suggested that these may be the result of, or lead to, some form of partnership or joint venture which will be beneficial for you. Yet, running concurrently with these positive aspects, there are also indications of self-doubt and anxiety for the future. I am being forwarded the beginning of a very productive period, particularly if new career opportunities or new commercial ventures are being considered hun.

Any such projects requiring creativity, inventiveness and initiative are well-starred although the rewards will come in the longer-term, rather than immediately. Success is indicated especially if the venture involves partnership, particularly one offering practical assistance and knowledge. I am being given information that points to the successful completion of a project or some relationship which brings in its wake a profound sense of peace, security and harmony honey.

Endings however are often the prelude to beginnings and in particular I get signified fresh starts in relation to the home. Thus, house-buying or moving is favorably indicated. Also, so is a new romance or even a wedding, either possibly involving a house-move. I am interpreting struggle and aggravation. Whatever this is, the root causes will be the same: competitiveness and opposition to forces that limit your freedom.

Frustration and anxiety may be common feelings but hard work and perseverance will allow you to overcome the obstacles before you. Triumph and success are being indicated which goes to say that your past efforts in a given field will bear fruit and you will now be able to enjoy the rewards and recognition that this brings.

With such success, however, comes the advice that you should be magnanimous in victory and seek reconciliation with those less fortunate rivals. If you're awaiting the outcome of some event or project, then this indicates that the news will be favorable. I wish to warn you of major conflicts and challenges confronting you.

These may be as straightforward as an exam but it could also signify a more serious personal struggle at work or in relationships. However, your great reserves of courage, integrity and stamina are also indicated. The resolution may seem some way off but if you maintain your position and face up to the challenges, the prospects for success are good.

A marked increase in the tempo of your affairs is pointed towards. Projects begun will progress swiftly and without delay, while those already in motion will be brought to a speedy and generally satisfactory conclusion. The prospect of travel, associated particularly with business affairs, is also indicated. Romance is also well-starred, particularly if major decisions are in the process of being made.

It's signified that you have a strong and resourceful character and that you will have to draw heavily upon it to see your forthcoming difficulties. Life may presently be comfortable but a number of personal and/or professional problems are approaching. You should maintain your status quo and then use the strong foundations you already established in these areas to move forward when opportunities to progress arise.

Burdens and excessive work are being signified for you. It may simply mean that you are taking on too much in pursuit of your goals; on the other hand, it may be that this excessive workload is the result of having already achieved them, e.g. new responsibilities following a promotion or having expanded a business beyond a certain level.

This burden may become oppressive as you juggle with conflicting business and social demands. The personal characteristics being indicated to me are great energy, intelligence, resourcefulness and loyalty, and are associated with a young male. With regard to situations, this points to good news coming to you (either from or about a youngster), which may be unexpected. It also signifies a new beginning and can point to you starting a new project with great energy and creativity.

I am interpreting changeability. Someone who thrives on being unpredictable, someone who can alter their position, viewpoint or direction quickly and without warning, leaving others in his wake is being represented. However, his eloquence, charm and sophistication usually ensure his popularity in spite of this.

If referring to a situation, this could be indicative to a changing environment for you, either through travel, perhaps undertaken at short notice, or a change of residence. A mature woman who is practical, generous and gregarious is being signified, someone with a strongly independent streak to their nature who, at the same time, is capable of showing great attachment to home and family.

This can represent you but may indicate someone on whom you can depend or turn to for advice or help. A mature man of position or authority is being shown - energetic, enterprising and possessing great integrity. He is an effective leader and a skilled arbitrator and it is in this latter capacity that he may be involved in your life, acting to resolve a dispute.

The indication of a possible unexpected financial windfall, perhaps from an inheritance is also being brought up. New beginnings as well as the start of a very auspicious period for you are being relayed. Joy, happiness, and love will all feature in good measure in your life. Personal relationships, whether close companionship, romance or even marriage, are particularly favored.

Also, sensitivity, self-awareness and intuition, creative outpourings or spiritual experiences are indicated. I am being thrown out the word partnership, this indicates that you have or are about to enter, a powerful relationship with someone for whom you have a great regard and thrust. This can, of course, be a love affair, that of one with a lasting happiness.

It may, however, refer to a business relationship and in this case would indicate a greater understanding and co-operation between partners. In this context it can also point to a resolution of professional differences. Great happiness and an abundance of good fortune are pointed towards for your life. You will be feeling secure, prosperous and fulfilled and will wish to share these feelings with those close to you.

Specifically, a celebration for you is in the offing, perhaps arising from the successful completion of an important project, or indeed from the birth of a child. This also indicates the start of an important creative period for you. As I previously said, I am being pointed towards much that is good in your life. Now, however, instead of producing positive feelings, it generates a sense of apathy and boredom.

Although secure, the sense of excitement is missing from your life which has become boring and all too familiar. Thus, re-evaluation of your life and aims is needed to provide directions, new stimulations and new challenges. Very negative influences in your life are visible due to loss and disappointments, particularly with regard to personal relationship.

The loss need not be current; it may have happened some time ago but the heartache caused by it is still fresh. Yet with a positive attitude, you, sweetie, may overcome your regret and find hope and new direction in your current situation. Great harmony is signified in your life, a condition which has its roots firmly in the past, possibly even as far back as childhood.

Past associations or efforts are now bearing fruit for you sweetheart and you are basking in the pleasure this brings. Happy reminiscences, old friends or even past lovers are all likely to feature currently in your life. Another element is the indication of a new job or residence. The emotions chiefly associated with the vision I just got now as I was writing your reading are stemming from within, from the imagination and the unconscious mind, and they represent your hopes, desires and aspirations.

Unfortunately, an element of confusion is indicated as to which of these represent an achievable reality and which, simply are pipe-dreams. It is important that you choose wisely which paths to follow, but it may be that now is not the time to decide. It's suggested that in spite of stability and security, you're likely to be dissatisfied with your current life and are drawn towards new pastures and challenges.

Underpinning this is a yearning for greater understanding of your inner self and the need to find a deeper meaning to your life. This may lead to a rejection of existing, unfulfilling, relationships, ways of thinking and lifestyles and the start of new personal growth. A period of well-being, contentment and great happiness is indicated for you, one in which a range of personal wishes will be realized.

Creativity is also favored at this time and past efforts will now reap rewards as projects move towards a satisfactory conclusion. You have much to enjoy and wishes to share with others less fortunate. Final attainment of some long-sought-after goal which brings in its wake great happiness and fulfillment for you is being signified.

Emotional commitments, both individually and collectively, are also strongly signified. Doubts about holding particular viewpoints or supporting causes are resolved, family tensions and frictions are healed, and for the newly weds or those considering marriage, this is a most auspicious vision because it is pointing towards long and happy unions.

A quiet, introspective, gentle youngster is being represented, artistically gifted but who tends not to advertise his or her talents. This is a person who will be in a position to assist you to a specified goal. As a situation, good news will be forthcoming, for example, of a birth, or an engagement or marriage. New creative projects and periods of study are also indicated.

A sensitive, idealistic and romantic young man is being rushed out at me. He has great originality and inventiveness but a passive nature leads him to be distracted from his goals by those around him or by capricious flights of fancy. Alternative interpretations point to new initiatives involving you, possibly regarding your personal relationships and in some way connected to the person represented earlier on, or perhaps concerning some artistic or otherwise creative pursuit.

A sensitive, affectionate and receptive woman is being signified. As with personalities associated with my other visions, her character is essentially passive but she is in close touch with her inner self and can demonstrate great perceptiveness, intuition and will-power when needed. For people who feel they possess a great deal of masculine energy, it may serve as a gentle reminder not to suppress the feminine aspects of their personality and to open themselves to the whole spectrum of life's emotions.

An intelligent, respected, mature man, most likely a professional or businessman in a position of authority is being represented. His calm, amiable personality often hides the intensity of his feelings which are kept under tight rein; as a result, he can appear unconcerned and distant. However, this person is likely to advice you well (perhaps on a professional basis) on a matter of great importance.

A high degree of mental clarity and intellectual focus is indicated. In practical terms, this usually means that you, largely by strength of will, have decisively overcome obstacles in your path and will be embarking on a new period of your life which will eventually bring much reward. The current discord in your life will shortly be replaced with harmony and healing, the balancing of two opposing forces or issues. The source of conflict may be external in which you are acting as mediator or are trying to initiate an honorable settlement; on the other hand, it may be an inner struggle as your heart and mind pull in different directions.

Whatever the cause of the discord, its resolution brings with it a true sense of peace and relief for you. I am being pointed to a deep heartache felt by you. There is much pain and conflict in your life, which has either caused, or is the result of, the ending of a partnership, professional or personal. This ending may signify a new beginning for you - particularly if you choose to address your problems honestly - but the transition will undoubtedly bring with it hurt and a sense of alienation.

Order and stability is represented here, and what is being indicated is that you will soon enjoy a respite from your problems - if only temporarily. Nevertheless, you will have an opportunity to rest and recover, perhaps having retreated to a place of seclusion to free yourself from the stresses and tensions that have been weighing you down. Recovery from an illness can be a specific interpretation here as well.

Conflict and defeat are portrayed. Having been engaged in a dispute with someone, you are likely to have lost heavily and have been forced to retire to lick your wounds. Consequently, your pride and self-esteem may be at low ebb and there is the danger of becoming trapped in a cycle of negative thoughts and attitudes.

However, if you can accept the defeat gracefully, you will be able to overcome any lingering sense of humiliation and move on to new challenges. I am directed to tell you about the prospects of better times ahead for you. You will be able to put current problems and difficulties behind you, largely as the result of applying yourself mentally rather than physically.

Trouble still lies ahead for you and the passage to your new life will not be easy. However, the worst is over and peace of mind will be achieved. A long journey, perhaps over water, is also at notice. You are facing sustained opposition from a particular source, although it may not yet be clear who the driving force behind this is.

Plans are upset and progress hindered, which may have you feeling frustrated and with a sense that continuing will be futile. However, by avoiding direct confrontation, by careful and diligent preparation, and by the intelligent and skillful use of your talents, you may yet be able to overcome this unknown but more powerful opponent.

Blocked energy is being indicated hun. You're likely to find yourself in a situation where you would like to follow through a range of exciting opportunities and ideas but forces beyond your control are restricting your options and movements. The resultant frustration may in turn lead to anxiety or a loss of faith in what you are trying to achieve but your best course of action is to accept the delays patiently and wait for the situation to change.

The representation of extreme mental anguish and pain felt by you is being brought up honey. You will be too ready to put yourself down and you fear what others think of you or say about you behind your back. Such worries - perhaps unfounded but real nevertheless - create great anxiety, depression and nervous tension. Traditionally, the vision I had can be associated with accidents and illnesses and also with violence and cruelty.

A representation of unavoidable disaster and ruination for you is being shown somewhere in the coming months. A situation which will bring much anguish and desolation! In practical terms, what I am seeing may represent a complete failure of plans or an enterprise, perhaps as a result of the treacherous acts of enemies.

The only consolation to be taken from this is that the resolution of the problems is at hand and from the ruins, you will be able to start afresh. I get an energetic, alert and strongly opinionated personality. This character I feel is male and he has a penetrating mind and possesses keen analytical skills that get swiftly to the root of any issue.

This being so, he can be an excellent negotiator, particularly where subtlety and wise judgment are required. Representing a situation, this can indicate that change is on the way and that you will need to make important decisions quickly and responsibly. However, I also worry to warn of deception and the need for extra vigilance my dear.

I get another forceful personality. Combining total commitment to his cause with a sharp intellect, this young man tends to be assertive to the point of being domineering: a powerful friend but a formidable opponent. When describing a situation what I got could also indicate that a period of strife is forthcoming but in spite of initial difficulties, you are likely to triumph in the end, particularly if you adopt a decisive and positive approach from the outset.

An older woman of sharp intelligence who possesses a critical mind and is highly perceptive is being indicated. Often she will be a professional person in a position where she can offer counsel to others, such as the legal or teaching professions, and it is in such a capacity that she will assist you. She tends to be fiercely independent and self-reliant, and perhaps as a result of this and her devotion to her work, she is often single or divorced.

Authority, self-confidence and an uncompromising professionalism are all the mark of the indication I am getting for someone here. Someone in business or the law is being represented, who will be of great assistance to you and on whom you will rely to help solve a major difficulty in your life. Assertive to the point of being domineering, this man can nevertheless be cold and remote in his interpersonal relationships and as a result, prone to feeling lonely and isolated.

The beginning of an extremely productive and fulfilling period is indicated for you. This is likely to involve financial gain, perhaps in the form of a windfall or possibly as a reward for a job well done. Both internal and external contentment is highlighted: in addition to the achievement of material comforts, your emotional security and the stability of the relationships around you will lead to a deep sense of satisfaction.

Change is being interpreted, but not always for the better. The alternation to your material and emotional fortunes that is signified can fluctuate between positive and negative states. Problems and setbacks are likely but your strength of character and adaptability will allow you to resolve them effectively and strike a balance between competing demands upon you.

Financially, things will be going good but prudent management of resources is recommended. Success and rightful recognition will be deriving from your work. This work will be hard, will often be carried out as part of a team, and will be done on behalf of others, rather than as a personal pursuit. Clarity of purpose allied to personal skills and commitment will ultimately lead to success and a great sense of satisfaction for you. A period of financial and material security is being signified.

This may be underpinned by the receipt of a substantial gift or an inheritance. It may also be the consequence of successful commercial dealings, where your hard work and business acumen result in an increase in your status, power and material rewards. You are likely to feel that both your material and your emotional needs are being met.

Hardship and not so good times are indicated too. Financial difficulty is certainly indicated, possibly resulting from unemployment. Problems with relationships may also be prevalent, with illicit affairs, unsatisfying emotional ties or simply a general lack of love in your life being as their root. Inevitably, such conditions lead to feelings of insecurity and anxiety, but by prioritizing your affairs, you may be able take positive steps to limit the extent of these problems.

Success and prosperity is pointing towards you, going hand-in-hand with generosity and benevolence. You're indicated to achieve much success and reward in the commercial field which will bring you satisfaction and security. It also points to a generous and philanthropic trait in your nature which will lead to acts of charity or patronage.

Alternatively, it (my visions) may indicate that you will be on the receiving end of this generosity. You're being signified limited success. Hard work and sustained effort will eventually bring sought-after returns for you but these may seem a long way off at the moment. You will be facing setbacks to projects and speculations which in many ways are the result of your overcautiousness.

Anxiety and a fear of failing result from, but also exacerbate, this cautious approach. Yet if you persevere, your hard work will be rewarded in the longer term. The successful application of creative or craft skills are signified for you. These may be newly learned and may not be your main employment but the satisfactions you derive from them go beyond any financial benefits they bring.

Financial prudence is indicated and a degree of caution as you go about your affair, and suggest that organization, attention to detail and preparation will secure the desired result. Considerable material success, financial security and achievement are signified. These may have been attained as a result of much effort and follow periods of hardship, which makes them all the more appreciated.

However, solitude is also indicated so it may be that you are enjoying the fruits of your labors alone. This may be welcomed by you but it is possible that it signifies that you are still seeking an elusive emotional security. Security is closely bound up with family relationships or close friendships. It may be that the foundations of your current prosperity were laid by previous members of your family or that you have received, or are about to, an inheritance.

You will feel strongly bound by these ties and there will be a mutually beneficial flow of advice and financial assistance between them. I get the characteristics associated with those of scholarship, application of efforts, conscientiousness and introspection. The creative or psychic arts are also indicated so these characteristics may apply particularly in these fields.

Generally, good news is signified for you or a young person close to you. This may take the form of exam results or promotions, or concern financial matters. A very positive meeting with someone who shares your outlook is also highlighted. Characteristics of dependability, persistence, patience and trustworthiness are indicated.

Traditionally signifying a young man with a responsible, if cautious, approach to life! He may be your employee or engaged by him for a particular job, my vision suggests that the task will be done to your satisfaction. It may also point to the arrival of positive news for you regarding money, travel or business, brought by a young man.

A practical, down-to-earth woman is being signified who tends to be home- and family- orientated. She can also possess a shrewdness of judgment (particularly in financial matters) and a capacity for hard work which makes her equally successful in business. I am being pointed towards a mature woman who will assist you with your money affairs, either with good advice or financial help.

A reliable, practical, mature man is traditionally being signified. Someone who, by his own efforts, has achieved success and status in his field (which is likely to be numerate - possibly banking or stock broking)! Although successful, this person is likely to be somewhat cautious in approach and perhaps not particularly intelligent.

An improvement in your financial security and possibly promotion at work is signified.

Change your life today.

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