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Do Weight Loss Spells Really Work?

Dear Starwitch,

I'm curious about the weight spells. I am dieting and exercising and I know that those things are the key to being healthier, but will the weight spells help me build confidence as well? That's what I need help with.

Just a little extra boost. Like the fridge spell to make it 'invisible to me' or the physical appearance one?

Thank you, advice is loved.


Hi Candy,

You can use mind power/visualization to help you lose weight and gain confidence. I believe that much of the reason some people gain weight so easily, despite not eating much more than skinny people, is because they are always saying and believing things like, "This cake will go straight to my thighs." If that's what you believe, then your thighs will grow according to your beliefs. I've been fortunate to not have weight issues in my life, so my belief system is more like, "I can eat whatever I want and not gain weight." That's true for me, and I think a big part of why it is true is because I believe it's true and I don't see myself as constantly struggling to maintain my weight or needing to lose more weight. If you take some time each day to visualize yourself as being the size you want to be and use affirmations such as, "Every day, in every way, I'm getting more and more healthy (or confident)." or "My body is perfect" or something similar, that'll help you a great deal in obtaining what it is that you desire. Your thoughts literally create your reality and if you think you're overweight, you will be. It takes a while to get the hang of this, but if you practice it, you'll become whatever you wish to be (thin, rich, healthy, confident, successful.) My husband and I used those methods and now we both work from home, doing better than ever. I was also able to quit smoking using those same methods.

I would suggest that you read books about visualization and mind power and topics like that. Witchcraft can work too, but the main power behind spells is mind power. If your intent is strong enough, a spell will work. But the intention is the powerful part, not the spell itself. The spell can help add focus and energy to what you want and that's why it works for some people, simply because they believe it will work. That's why Christians say that if you have faith, you will get what you want. But you need a lot more than just a "mustard seed" worth of faith - you need to really focus on what you want and never let it stray far from your thoughts. Always think about it as much as possible and do your affirmations daily. I do affirmations in the shower. I also like to do them when I'm just waking up in the morning, because then your mind is closer to the dream (subconscious) state and the affirmations are more effective once they get into your subconscious.

There are lots of free articles and sites that tell you how to use mind power to get what you want. There are tons of books written on the subject. I try to read as many of them as I can. They mostly say the same sorts of things, only in different ways, but just reading material like that keeps positive thoughts in the front of your mind and helps you remember to do your affirmations and visualizations daily. This will absolutely change your life if you learn and practice it. Always stay positive. Never let your thoughts go in a negative direction. You will get what you think and fantasize about, so be sure that your thoughts are always about positive things, not negative things or situations.

Best wishes to you.


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