my moon-like Cat

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my moon-like Cat

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A few months ago - as I was done taking a 'night shower' i found my neighbours cat (a kitten actually) sitting on my bed which was pretty strange to me because it was the first time I'd seen her - ever, so I doubt she knew how I smelled good enough to be able to find my room in this huge house I stay in - but she did.
My neighbours never bothered looking for her and judging by the state she was in when I first saw her - she wasn't treated well💔
I fell in love with her right away that day so she's been staying with me ever since and has been a great cuddly bundle of joy smileylove

She has black fur all over her body apart from the white fur surrounding her left eye💓my boyfriend named her 'Lunar' because of this.
I love her so much and I can't help but feel sad at the thought of my neighbours taking her away from me one day

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Re: my moon-like Cat

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They haven’t missed her... and she won’t remind them.

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