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[EDIT: Some of the ask Kassandra threads have been moved to other areas in the forum some have been archived here. Kassandra has been awol for some time but had been a wonderful poster, please enjoy her wisdom here in this forum "Kassandra's Metaphysical Basics" and "Kassandra's Foray in the Green"]

Hello and Welcome!

I am happy to answer your questions about spirituality as best I can. I found myself working as a psychic reader for a number of years. I did email, phone and in-person readings, and what a ride that was. Today, I still work in a counseling capacity, of a mundane nature. But really, when dealing with human beings especially, could anything ever really be only mundane? I have found that the line between the magical and the mundane tends to be quite blurred.

Anyway, my personal interests in spirituality include: helping people understand their innate psychic abilities, writings and practices of Eastern religions (specifically those of India, China and Japan), and folk magical practices (specifically those of the United States). The spiritual practices of all cultures greatly interest me, however, and I enjoy comparing, contrasting, and otherwise learning from them.

So, I look forward to your questions. I answer things as honestly as possible, and I tend to be very straightforward in my approach. Below are some suggestions I hope are taken into consideration by those who post here, or even elsewhere on the EUTM site. I arrived at these suggestions after watching people post in the forums over the years. Thanks, and enjoy.
Circe Invidiosa by John William Waterhouse.jpg
Circe, by John Waterhouse

Be Clear in What Exactly You're Asking

Give some detail. You don't have to write a 10,000 word essay about it. But, you could include info like how long you've experienced the issue, what's already been done about about it in the past, whether you think you've had a role in its creation or perpetuation (note: it's very helpful if you're honest about your role in a situation you post about here), and so on. This helps people have a better idea of the situation, and they're more likely to respond to you.

Please don't write in "textspeak," as indicated in the forum rules. Write in real sentences that include appropriate punctuation.

Be Respectful if Someone Asks You for Clarification

If people ask you questions for clarification before they post their response, don't get upset and answer them in a rude, impatient way. They are trying to understand what it is exactly you are asking. Keep in mind what may seem so clear and easy to understand to you, may in fact be totally vague and unclear to us. This is especially true if you were upset when you wrote your post. Emotions can make us irrational. Or, sometimes it's a matter of language skills (maybe you don't express yourself well in a written format, or perhaps English is not your first language, and so on). All of that is understandable, so politely answer questions of clarification people may have.

Be Open-minded About the Responses You Receive

This is a bigger issue with the younger members (teenagers) who post here, not so much with older people. Sometimes people are looking for a quick, easy, one-size-fits-all "witchcraft solution" to all their problems. People will write posts that come across as, "Just gimme a spell! I don't want to hear your advice, OK?" Then, they get mildly irritated, or even downright angry, when they don't receive the exact responses they expected to receive. Again, this usually happens with younger posters here, or with emotionally unstable people in crises mode, who aren't thinking sensibly and won't listen to reason (sometimes both).

Keep in mind that approaches to your problem you may not have considered may need to be considered (both non-magical, mundane solutions, or vice versa, magical solutions you didn't think of). Experienced people especially, both in witchcraft and in life, tend to have a good feel for when to handle something mundanely, and when to handle it magically...and when both approaches may be useful. If people suggest solutions, a lot of times it's based on their own life experiences, either what they've observed, or what's actually happened to them. Even when neither is the case, you'll find that "life experience" still allows some people to make grounded, educated guesses that are actually worthy of your consideration.

To save you, and the members here valuable time, either respectfully consider the advice shared with you (just consider it; you don't have to do it, obviously), or just don't post a question if you really don't want to hear advice that differs from what you expected to hear. Ask yourself, "Am I really willing to hear answers I may not be expecting...or would I just rather not?" If the answer is you'd just rather not, then feel free to use the search function at the top of the page here to look through all the forums for what you need. See also the resources on the main website, such as those in the Witchcraft Spells section, or those in the Love Spells section.

Oracle at Delphi by John Waterhouse.jpg
Oracle at Delphi, by John Waterhouse

I just wanted to note that in my opinion, some things are better asked privately in a psychic reading, not on a general message board like this, and that's just my opinion. Here are some examples of what I mean:

Spirit Guide Questions

Questions about spirit guides of a more general, impersonal nature are OK to ask on a public message board like this, in my opinion. An example of this would be, "What are the different kinds of spirit guides that the average person might encounter?"

Questions like, "Who is my personal spirit guide" or "Whose voice I am hearing?" and so on, however, I think are very important, very personal questions. Because many people base life decisions on the advice of what they think these spirit guides are saying, I would think they would want to have more of a "connection" with people they ask for advice on this, rather than throw that question out to a bunch of strangers and have them guess at it. While it might be kind of fun to see what answers you get, take such responses with a grain of salt, at best. It's better to get a private reading, I think.

Important Questions Involving Finances, Personal Harm, etc.

Recently, a poster was having issues with water damage on his properties, wondering if it was due to a curse of some kind. It was costing them lots of money in repairs. I was thinking to myself, "Dude, get a real reading for that." Honestly. Again, don't base expensive decisions on the opinions of a bunch of people you don't know who are members of a message board (well, I wouldn't), although a private free reading from one of our readers might not be a bad idea (see below for details).

If you want to know something as important as whether you're under a curse or not, or something else that involves your finances in some way, find a reputable consultant who could help with that. Consult with someone who has experience in the area related to your question. In the example I just gave, the poster suspected the potential curse may have come from a Santeria practitioner. So, I suggested he find a reader who is either very knowledgeable about Santeria, or better yet, who practices Santeria him- or herself. Doesn't seem like it would be very helpful to ask a predominantly Wiccan message board for advice about Santeria curse work.

So, those are a couple examples of situations where, in my opinion, you'd do yourself a big favor by getting the right person looking at your question via a personal reading consultation. But again, if want to post your question here, please feel free to do so.

Resources for Readings

Everything Under the Moon's Free Readings by Members Forum

This forum has a variety of readers who enjoy the opportunity to practice learning their craft, so they look forward to reading for you! They practice techniques ranging from dream interpretation, to psychometry, to reading an assortment of oracle cards including tarot. Visit the forum: http://everythingunderthemoon.net/forum ... mbers.html

Free Readings on the Lucky Mojo Radio Show

I stumbled upon this call-in radio show. You don't have to "believe in" nor practice hoodoo yourself to get a reading. The readers are, in my opinion, quite good at what they do. They provide this service free of charge, as an adjunct to the services of the Lucky Mojo Curio Company, whose focus is hoodoo folk magic supply sales. Visit this page to find out more about this service (see "Free Divination and How-to Advice"): http://everythingunderthemoon.net/forum ... 25953.html

Other Professional Readers

Do a Google search and either find an on-line-based reader, or a local one near you. Read over their website information carefully, and simply follow your instincts. Make sure that their fees are within your budget. Really, word of mouth is the best referral for a good psychic reader, as with any other service provider. But, you could find good readers on the internet if you look. Keep in mind that email and phone readings are just as effective as in-person readings.

Please Note...

At this time I am not accepting requests for:
* Spellcasting
* Psychic readings
* Rootworking/hoodoo

So, please do not post those requests here, nor send me (or others here) private messages with those requests unless they indicate that they are offering any of those services.

Posting Your Questions

To post your question, 1. Click the back-arrow button at the top-left of your browser to take you out of this post, and to put you back into the "Ask Kassandra" forum. Then, 2. Click on "NEWTOPIC*" (red letters on white background, toward the left of the screen), and write your post. :wink:

Thank you for reading, and enjoy!

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Astrology, by John Waterhouse


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