Things in the closet?

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Things in the closet?

Post by FiddlinErin »

My daughter has always been rather sensitive. I don't believe she's any more sensitive than most children, but she tends to use her sensitivity and grasp it more fully than a lot of children do these days, because my fiancée and I make a point of listening to her and hearing her out when she's feeling something.

There's a lot of history here. I won't go into too much detail, but she's always felt in-tune with spiritual things. She's older than her years. Heck, she's older than I am, it seems very often. When she was three, she told me she saw a blue sparkly cowboy, which she described as looking like my grandfather to a T. There have been many other examples, which I won't get into at the moment.

Ever since we moved into our townhome, she has had a lot of nightmares. I have always attributed these nightmares to being related to anxiety (she has a lot of residual anxiety from when I was still with her father in a rather abusive relationsip). But recently, she mentioned to me that she hates seeing her closet at night, because she sees an eye peering out from between the space where the two doors meet. Again, I attributed it to her general anxiety, but there have been a few things recently that made me think twice. Last night while she and her brother were off visiting their dad, we had a lot of odd activity in the house. We were watching television, and it was rather like there was some kind of paranormal something-or-other which really was trying hard to make itself known. We heard footsteps upstairs in her room several times. We both "felt" something in the room with us which kept giving that odd sinus pressure feeling in conjunction with goose-bumps, despite neither of us being cold. And when we went upstairs, we noticed our daughter's room was particularly cold. We checked everything... the window was completely shut, the heating vent was not blocked, there was not a draft, nothing. But it was cold in there -- much colder than the rest of the house. When we opened the closet, it got even more cold and odd feeling. I wish I had a better description for it. Anyway, as I said eariler, our daughter has on a few occasions mentioned that she has seen an eye looking at her from her closet. Tonight my fiancee and I were talking about it again, and suddenly I remembered something that seems important: the only thing in her room that is left in our house from a previous tenant. There is a friendship bracelet which is tied onto the rod on the far lefthand side of her closet. I don't often get a feeling that something like that is important, but I really do feel that this is. Whatever is in our house with us, we don't feel is not welcoming us, or even wants us out -- it just seems as if it wants attention. And it seems like it wants more attention when our daughter is not at home, almost like it gets lonely without her there.

My question is this. If whatever it is, is attached to this friendship bracelet, is there a spell we should do? Should we remove the bracelet? It is physically tied onto the rod, not something that can simply unclasped... we will have to use scissors to remove it if that's what needs doing. If there is a spell that you feel needs to be done, should we do it beforehand, or during, or after?

My thought is that there should be some sort of ceremony we can perform ahead of time, remove the bracelet, and perhaps tie the bracelet onto a tree outside, continuing the rite while we tie it onto the tree branch and finishing up out there, with the intention that we understand it means no harm but we need it to move on so that our daughter can sleep in peace because she is truly terrified on a nightly basis.

Have you any thoughts? I don't want to make things worse for her, but she really needs some help and so do we. We just want her to stop feeling like she can't relax.

Thank you for your thoughts.

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Re: Things in the closet?

Post by Nyxannwn »

Hi Erin-

Something most people don't know/take into consideration is the fact that every house is haunted, both old and new. Land holds memory, and so do houses. So, even if the house is new, the land itself has a history. How old is the house you are living in? Is it new? Do you know the history of the house? Do you know the history of the land the house is built on? If not, I would advise you to do a little digging. At the very least, just to get a better idea of what you might be dealing with. Chances are, whatever it is IS harmless. The fact that there is a friendship bracelet in your closet is very interesting... that could very well be the cause of it. My guess is that it is probably the spirit of another little girl, maybe one that wants to make friends with your daughter, OR one that wants to protect your daughter. The fact that your daughter is feelng uneasy about this is also something to keep in mind though. Children are very perceptive in general, and pick up very easily on the intentions of other people/beings... she could sense a darker presence there. You really won't know until the necessary steps are taken.

What I would do to start, is go into your daughter's room when she is not around. Open the closet door all the way, and light a candle right outside the door. Talk to the spirit directly. You can say something along these lines: "Whatever spirit is inhabiting this space, I come to you with respect and friendship, and I acknowledge your presence. My family and I want to be able to share this home with you. If you wish to stay here, please continue to protect my daughter. My only request is that you refrain from looking out of the closet door at her while she sleeps, as it does frighten her. If you do this for me, we can most certainly live together in harmony." Leave the bracelet where it is for now. I would then burn either some Rosemary or Lavender. Guide the smoke throughout the room, but focus on the closet. Then open the windows for awhile to bring fresh air and light in.

Let me know if this helps! Ifthe spirit starts to get meliscious, come back to this thread and I'll give you directions for a banishing rite (which would involve, as part of the rite, burying the bracelet underground).

Bright Blessings,
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