Prayers and Spells

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Prayers and Spells

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Hey everyone. It's been a while,

I had a thought today. I am definitely not practicing anything specifically, I'm more on a spiritual track. I've never found a method that fits my lifestyle to try and sit with my gifts. I am heavily needed as the main source of my immediate family, so I have a lot of interruptions when I try to focus on studying. As I am writing this, I am interrupted lol. So, I just accept what comes and try to meditate as much as possible. But, I still sit around wondering why I have these small gifts and what to do with them.

I think a lot about the Bible. I am a bit biased because of the contradictions. I'm interested in how all religions and beliefs connect. There is a lot of arguments about witchcraft being "evil" or that spells are of witchcraft. So, I want your opinions.

The way I see it, spells and prayers are the same. Covens and coming together in a church are one and the same. Praying together, chanting, It's all the same. The only difference is what is acceptable to society and who they worship. I don't think I want to join the argument on whether it's the same or not, but rather, looking for insight on my thoughts.

If I am wrong, please explain. If I am on the wrong track of understanding, please enlighten me. I'm just sick of not knowing and wondering if I am crazy or delusional.

Thank you in advance.

P.S. I am nowhere near the level of knowledge that most in here have, please be patient with me :)
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Re: Prayers and Spells

Post by Firebird »

Hey silver moon! I'll be back to respond later, gotta hit the sack right now.
Bb, Firebird
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