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New favorite tarot deck

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I've had the Alleyman's Tarot for about a year now, and have decided it fits my needs perfectly. It's a little gimmicky, sure, but I can pull a section of cards out of the stack and get a really good reading just from that. One caveat is I have no choice but to pull a smaller portion, the deck is massive.
I love how chaotic it is, I feel that it fits my practice perfectly as well. The Giuseppe card cracks me up.
The premise is that it's a collection, so it's cards pulled from other decks, and cards commissioned by artists. There's an entire extra suit apart from the traditional four. I actually found out about the Kickstarter for it from an artist I follow over on Tumblr.

I'll add pictures of my own when I go out to the Craft Shed (I might have hijacked my girlfriend's shed for my pagan nonsense) since I've left the box out there, and there's no way I'm going out in that polar vortex right now.
Link if you're curious (there's more pictures at the bottom of the webpage): ... ans-tarot/
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