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And right now I am going through some uncertainties on the job front. I like my current job. It makes the day go by fast and it pays the bills. I also have been working toward a CPA. I am planning to start prepping for the CPA exam, in the next few months. A few years ago I left my current job for three months to work for an accounting firm, but that didn’t work out and I returned to my current job. I’m starting to wonder if an office environment is not for me. I do like working in the warehouse. I also work a side job during tax season doing taxes for H&R Block. I am having doubts about wanting to return to H&R Block this coming season as over the past few years it has just become too overwhelming. They do appreciate me there and that is the one thing that has kept me going For as long as I have. But everyone thinks I am the only person in the world that knows how to solve a problem on top of the issue that we have been short staffed there in the past few years. So to sum up, if anyone’s willing to do a reading to help give me some clarity on that front, I would appreciate it. I welcome just any advice as well.
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Re: Uncertainty.

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Hey there RJ, did you ever get any clarification on this issue?
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