(Long Post) Dream Interpretation Help

Dreams, dream interpretation, sleep paralysis, night terrors, hearing voices, vibrations, etc.
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(Long Post) Dream Interpretation Help

Post by Onlybeentenminutes »

I was speaking to my cousin just now, and she let me in on the fact that she had a really traumatizing dream involving myself, herself, and one of her best friends.

She asked me to go and ask around to see if I could get a decent interpretation, or really, any idea as to what her dream might mean. To make it easy, I'm just going to transcribe parts of the text conversation we had.
Cousin: im also tired.
I took a nap and you kept kind of dying. It's very hard to explain.
You had two bodies. We were at a beach with really high docks first of all, like a board walk.

Me: I mean yeah, mom said I absorbed my twin in the womb.
Oh you mean i had two bodies in your dream.

Cousin: most people couldn't see your second body but i could. and either you or your twin kept getting thrown off the docks into the water.
and you would get rescued and come out with scratches all over your neck.

and you would just shrug and say "idk some paranormal thing yoinked me".
but then I could see the "real" you... or what I thought was the real you sitting on the dock just watching the whole thing go down.

Me: ahaha I don't like how accurate that sounds about me. I'm gonna try and see if anyone online has any opinion on this

Cousin: The whole dream was wild. That was just part of it. There were other parts like... Hannelore (the aforementioned friend) being able to turn into a dog, and her falling into the water.
everyone just kept falling into this freezing cold water. I didn't know what to do.

and I also had some sleep paralysis there. where I would think I was awake and be in my room, but I couldn't move. Then I would get yoinked back into the dream.

also everyone was trying to celebrate my college graduation from UCF at this beach house, but i hadn't graduated yet.
But then they kept insisting i had!

also your mom tried to murder me because I didn't help pull you out of the water

Me: Sounds like mom. I literally just got done talking to Koren(My girlfriend)about the differences in our moms, and how my mom is definitely the kind of lady to brutally murder someone over nothing.

Cousin: because I saw you on the dock right there? you hadn't fallen in? It was a very strange dream. Like stranger than normal

Me: It sounds it

Cousin: Plz get a dream reading tho. I think it specifically focused on you and Hannelore a lot bc im worried about you both a lot... you both falling in the freezing water.

and I think me just standing there not able to do anything like... reflected how I feel in both the situations. Like I try to help but I constantly feel like I can't do enough or im not doing anything meaningful to help.

Me: Awh, dude. If it means anything, your presence really helps me out as it is. With everything going on idk how I'd be handling it without you people in my life

Cousin: Also Hannelore is visiting(our home town)rn and just had to take her dog to the vet and the dog has a bad infection. But she wasn't her dog in the dream. and I'm glad I can help a bit, I just feel so bad that you have to go through this and I can't help more

Me: Noooo it's okay y'know? this is just how my life is playing out. Do you remember anything else on the dream? Like - before I go ask people about it?

Cousin:Uhhh let me think. Ok.
1.) everyone trying to celebrate my graduation even though I hadn't even started college yet was weird and might mean something. Bc maybe in the dream i had already graduated college but couldn't accept that I did it myself?

Oh. When your twin would fall into the water, she would just be frozen stiff like she couldn't move, if that made sense.
and then the one that I perceived to be the "real" you was just sitting on the dock railing watching intently and not moving at all. I remember the "twin" was in a pink plaid shirt and messing with your insulin pump
(I have type 1 diabetes)and she was like... pulling out blood sugar test strips. And then the "real" you was dressed in a very "not-Sam-Like"(my name is Samantha)kind of way. You were just wearing a dark green (kinda teal) hoodie and black leggings, and sitting criss cross and watching. That was the very last part of my dream so I remember it the clearest I think
Also I was wearing glasses throughout the whole thing. I found that weird but not too weird.

And that is what she sent me on the dream. One of the only similarities I can think of between myself and her friend right now is that we're both dealing with a family member/loved one being stuck in the hospital due to illness, and most likely will not survive.

For myself, due to my father having colorectal cancer, they had to remove the entirety of his anus/rectum and the surgeons messed up on making his stoma/colostomy port or whatever it is called. So he is in pain and it doesn't look good.

For my cousin's friend. Her boyfriend, who I think might actually be her fiance now, had some kind of silent pneumonia that went undetected for a whole year. The infection traveled from his lungs to his sinuses and now the whole left side of his face is paralyzed and he's looking at ending up getting surgery to remove most of, if not all of one of his lungs. On top of that, from what I've been told, the infection seems to be antibiotic-resistant and they've already had to do a surgical procedure to physically clean out his lungs and scrape the insides of them down.

It's a mess right now in our worlds - hoping having at least some of that background information might help with the interpretation

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Re: (Long Post) Dream Interpretation Help

Post by SpiritTalker »

About all I come up with is semi-dying is probably a sign of out-of-body. You weren't falling in freezing H2O but the cousin worried ; i.e., her goals are being distracted by worrying & frozen-on-hold for now but won't stop the cousin's eventual successful graduation. I can't tell from the text if it's an actual school graduation your cuz is aiming for or a dream-symbol of coming through "lessons" or a learning experience successfully.

The other friend &' dog seems like your cousin's dream Is a bit precognitive if the dog had to go to the vet.

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Re: (Long Post) Dream Interpretation Help

Post by SnowCat »

It sounds like a stress related dream, but with some precognitive information. I think the two bodies probably is related to your physical body and your astral body. As far as your dad's stoma, those things aren't perfect, and some people end up needing to have them reworked. It's a deliberate injury to the intestines, and they aren't always happy about it. I think the graduation means that you will get through this.
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