Yoga and Kids

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Yoga and Kids

Post by YogaNewbie »

i saw these videos on youtube some time last week. i didn''t know that yoga can be taught to kids.
what do you think about yoga for kids?

here''s the video if any of you would like to see it:

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Post by Y0m »

This looks like a great idea! Many children are doing sports such as gymnastics which focuses indirectly on this stuff, but having yoga allows a child to learn ways to take care of themselves that would last them the rest of their life.

I find it benificial for all ages with the right guidence :)

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Re: Yoga and Kids

Post by FireQueen »

Absolutely! I LOVE YOGA!!!! And it's awesome for kids. :)

I started doing yoga when I was about 3 - there used to be a yoga show on TV every morning when I was little and I would always join in if I saw it on at the time.

A couple of years ago I bought the three Yoga Kids DVD's and my children now LOVE doing yoga too! :)

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