New years eve count down

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New years eve count down

Post by blue_moon »

Hey you guys,

How are you celebrating today?
It's almost 5pm here and so quiet in the house and outside.
My two older kids came down with fever. The middle one Friday night and my oldest Yesterday all night and day - so we blew off our party.
Kids are fine now - so we are enjoying a relaxed day at home.

What are you up to?

Blue Moon

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Re: New years eve count down

Post by SpiritTalker »

I'm glad your kids are getting better. I've always liked NYs as a fun holiday, with no heavy ties or party hearty atmosphere. I'm just not a party type. If I had a TV I'd hunker down & watch the RoseBowl parade and pop some corn. I'm actually spending the week end catching up on cueQ-an0n posts and the take down of the deep state. I'm catching on as I catch up on the avalanche of info and crossed paths. 2018 is going to be an eye of Horus opener.

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Re: New years eve count down

Post by firebirdflys »

Well.... the other half of our Xmas party showed up today, last night really, (many days late) but I was out on "the hill" doing a full moon rite with the Druids. It was such a lovely evening. Misty air, smelled like we might get a drop or two of rain in a few days which would be most needed. The Moon was delightlfully yet fleetingly obscured by thinly veiled wisps of clouds, which continued to cast a halo around the Moon. When the rite ended the halo vanished. Usually this time of year the mist freezes on the baby blades of grass, casting brilliant diamonds of sparkly color in the wake of ones shadow while walking back to the cars (usually well after midnight when the air has gone down by notches). Not one single blade of new grass :(
We opted to do the Druid ritual before the "eve" as so many people want to be elsewhere. My group will meet on the 1st in the late afternoon and will partake in the ritual I posted on healing. ... 36216.html
...but back to the Xmas party. They (step son and family) arrived with 2 pigs, I was so relieved to hear they weren't to be slaughtered for BBQ this time, but pets for the nephews. They just left to bring them to G-mas house where the nephews are staying. They need another animal over there like a hole in the head, but that's on G-ma (husbands mother). I believe they are trying to slowly introduce the pigs to the other animals today then I guess everyone is coming here for the countdown??? no one tells me anything, but those kids might just take off before the day is over, you never know with them. I may go to a friends if it gets too crazy over here. So I short, I don't know what I'm doing...tonight.
Happy New Year!

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Re: New years eve count down

Post by planewalker »

My New Years is the solstice. They roped me into counting down and yelling "Happy New Year". Having performed I was allowed access to my wife's shortbread cookies. I am a Brownie-holic and if she made them all the time I'd never eat another brownie. I'd probably also be as wide as I am high and you could just roll me to where ever you wanted me. If she kept the cookies coming I wouldn't care. They'd have to use rooto-rooter on my arteries and veins every so often ,but it would be worth it.

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