Music or the Sound of Silence

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Music or the Sound of Silence

Post by RedRavenFox »

Do you use music during spell casting or divination ? If so what kind and if not, why not?
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Re: Music or the Sound of Silence

Post by SpiritTalker »

I think using music like 2001 Space Odyssey or Flight of the Valkyries as mood music before work can raise energy but I’d prefer to do the work itself in a symphony of silence to aid concentration.

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Re: Music or the Sound of Silence

Post by SapphireRoad »

Varies with the tonality of Lunar and other phases. Sometimes silence is soft, sometimes deadly.
Sometimes external disturbance needs to be ignored and in such cases I'm quite p*ssed cause music usually spoils the concentration. In rare cases it fits well but it really is a big mixture of channelling the muses and also personalities of artists.
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Re: Music or the Sound of Silence

Post by VegasNana »

I must have music, idk what I play, I have a playlist on YouTube where it’s 3hrs long.... the silence is a horrible thing for me
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