Recommending SERIOUS and RELIABLE spell casting websites

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Recommending SERIOUS and RELIABLE spell casting websites

Post by mmx »

I am a newbie to all this... but I admit I have tried some spells and wicca in the past for assorted circumstances in my life. Nothing black, nothing harmful, just to push good vibes and energies in the way. I know it has to be done carefully.... So I prefer to have someone help me cast the spells and just guide me on what to do to help the wish manifest...

I am looking for a serious web site that can offer casting spells, particularly for business & finance. I have issues with my business and it seems that the energies in it are stuck, and I need help to make them flow. I am looking for serious and reliable spell casting web sites... there are so many online that I do not know which one to use.

Could you suggest some web sites that you know are serious and could help casting spells ? If I am to invest any amount of money in paying for it, I want it to be reliable....

Thanks for your help... :wave:

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Re: Recommending SERIOUS and RELIABLE spell casting websites

Post by Cyphir »

This has been said before in various other threads, but for a spell to work, you must put your heart into it. No one can care more about your situation than you. To even think about purchasing a spell rather than learning how to positively affect your own life seem to be a lazy no-hands on approach that will only lead to more problems.

Actively participate in your life, learn about magick and spells. You control the magick, you are the magick, only you can change your own life.
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Re: Recommending SERIOUS and RELIABLE spell casting websites

Post by JBRaven » ... 21110.html

If you can not do magic yourself there is no reason to ask some one else to do it for you. The ONLY thing that stops you from doing magic yourself is fear; if you are fearful of your own work that same fear will stop someone's else spell from helping you.

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Re: Recommending SERIOUS and RELIABLE spell casting websites

Post by Pippen »

If you would like to cast your own spells, but are not sure how, I could help you make some herb based ones. Im a newbie, but the ones Ive cast using herb bags as a base have all worked wonders so far. I could even help you with basic rituals and crystals too, Ive never tried those ones myself cause all I have readily available in my house is herbs. >.>; But I know about candles and stones and herbs...

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Re: Recommending SERIOUS and RELIABLE spell casting websites

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What the others tell you is right! A spell is so much more than just a candle and some words, its energy manipulation, I was like you when I first started Witchcraft, I thought a spell is nothing more than just burning papers and saying words, without knowing the meaning, but soon I understood that spells can be casted with no tool, only with my mind and energy, so if you really like witchcraft study it, become one with it, if not then don't play with spells, they are not games, PLUS any site you will find out there for casting spells for money, is a SCAM, only a SCAM! there is not reliable site, only trust in yourself. Blessings!
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