First Esbat

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First Esbat

Post by SunshineChild »

Merry meet!
*I didn't know where to post this so as it's a queston, I posted it here... obviously*
Anyway, I'm about to celebrate my first Esbat, but don't have a clue where to start. If someone could suggest a fairly simple ritual or something fairly quickly, I'd love them forever!

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Re: First Esbat

Post by SpiritTalker »

Go outdoors if possible. Whether in or out doors, place your gear inside your workspace & a glass of water in the moonlight. Then cast a simple Folk Magic circle:

Broom sweep (or wave your 👋) walking widdershins 🔄 & imagine stagnant energy is broken up and whisked away. After sweeping, light your incense, if any. Then center - draw power on the breath to the solar plexus, focus, point👉🏼 & push as you walk deosil↩️ to cast the circle. No quarter summoning is needed. You can greet the Moon Goddess as simply as “Lady you are welcome here” with your palms 🤲🏽 lifted will do.

Do any spells you might have planned, but they aren’t required.

Sit in the center and moon gaze, and if it’s cloudy imagine the softened light enfolds you like a shawl. Extend your senses to greet the spirit-of-the-place and the Moon. Sip some of the glass of moonlight charged water (it charged even if the sky’s cloudy) and pour the rest as an offering upon the ground. Thank & farewell deity if you invited any. Ground yourself. The simple circle dissipates when walked through. Done.

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