what sort of witch are you?

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Re: what sort of witch are you?

Post by Newbiewitch94 »

Im a eclectic wiccan Grey witch. I wont cause unesscsry harm but il do what must be done

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Re: what sort of witch are you?

Post by frostarei »

I would also say I identify as an Ecclectic witch but with a LOT of influence from the Hedge. I do believe in faeries, I've crossed the hedge a few times and on a couple occasions accidentally did and brought some people with me. (oops) The little people have made themselves known to me (and eagerly) for a very long time. Whats strange about it is the fact that I've predominantly lived in cities most my life, but believe you me, I find even a tiny patch of woods and it's waving me over. Here's the kicker. Never gardened a thing. I have no idea what I'm doing with plants in the slightest. What I can do is look at a black mass and for SOME reason I can tell you what it is and why it's there and if you should run, or wave at it. I just know things it's like someone tells me...you know like a little whisper from somwhere.

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Re: what sort of witch are you?

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I am knew, so would also have to say eclectic as I am reading and discovering so much from different sources.

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Re: what sort of witch are you?

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I’m eclectic witch. I’ve been practicing for over a year. I haven’t been able to do many spells or rituals. My home and area not receptive, still in broom closet. I was always worried about finding the right tools and be exactly what was in The beginners book I started listening to a podcast the talked about theories and different areas of witchcraft. So I’m becoming more comfortable about not worrying about it. Instead I’ve been reading as much history, theories, and myths overall.

I associate more with Celtic and warrior goddesses and those who deal with the later phase of life. I honor Morrigan but a god hasn’t come to me. I have a wolf/dog that shows up sometimes at night. Wolf/dog likes to wake me up at night by a bark to convey what wolf/dog wants me to know.

I am slowly finding other witches in my area where there is a university. I just got a new apartment where I can practice without fearing parents will find out and not hide my books and tools.

I’m going to start researching and creating spells and rituals now that I have this freedom.
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