Calling dragons

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Calling dragons

Post by korbin »

I slept without prayer that night. I dreamt I was meditating front of an altar and with candles front of me, dressed in hood and cloack. I then started whispering and started to call dragons! I woke up at the end of the words in fear, wtf was I doing? I was whispering in real life. I had a thought of two, very lively dragons moving like snakes. Any idea what to say about this? I had never thought about dragons before now. Does this means i have great potential in draconic wicca or something?

The dream was one of those who is not exactly a dream but more an experience.

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Re: Calling dragons

Post by NeverMoonAWerewolf »

Draconic perhaps, but then it will probably not have anything to do with wicca. To me it looks like you knew what you were doing in your dreamscape.

There are plenty of resources on Draconic magic. Did you catch the co9loror maybe the names of the dragons?

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Re: Calling dragons

Post by firebirdflys »

Not all dragons are menacing, and you can work with dragons within the framework of Wicca. It could be that they are messengers for you. There are typically 4 kinds of dragons, earth, air, fire and water. And some have encountered a spirit dragon. Since you said they slithered, could be they were earth dragons.
Perhaps keep a journal of your encounters, to see how this progresses.
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Re: Calling dragons

Post by Black Cloud »

korbin wrote:
Wed Sep 15, 2021 3:35 pm
Does this means i have great potential in draconic wicca or something?
Yes, it means you have potential in the form of power. Dragons are powerful creatures.
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