What a wild month of awakening

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What a wild month of awakening

Post by Alistarr »

(Fair warning: I don't believe how much my life has changed in three weeks' time, and I'm LIVING it, so you're forgiven for just smiling and shaking your head at the following story.)

I'm a 51-year old male that has always had clues there was something different about himself.
  • - Animals loving me (my local shelter calls me "The Cat Whisperer")
    - Babies immediately love me
    - I can sense someone's intentions/character almost immediately
    - I've led what some would call a "charmed" life, having things "just happen" to my advantage at times
    - People have always told me I had a comforting effect on them
Well, my love (Endorable here on the forum) has said the same thing about me since we met at the beginning of the year and immediately felt an incredible connection. Three weeks ago, she had surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff, and things really exploded once she remarked that her shoulder felt better when I touched it.

This led me to try to actively raise and channel energy to help heal her shoulder, which has led to more advanced magic for me and a very strong connection/relationship with Gaia for her (and HOOOO, BOY, is THAT a story!).
The result of channeling healing energy into her shoulder several times each day? Three weeks after surgery, her physical therapist says she is extremely ahead of schedule; at this point, he says she should have about 50% range of motion as he manipulates her shoulder.

She had 100% as of Friday, a result he says shouldn't really be possible.

I've had visible, verifiable success with sigil magic since then, learned how to better raise, channel and control energy, and have learned some of the power of crystals.

Of course, I'm probably doing everything wrong and bringing about Armageddon, but it has been nothing short of amazing to me how instinctual this has been so far. (My apologies if the world ends not with a bang, but with Thoth appearing in the sky and saying "This guy is driving me crazy" before ending it all.)

This doesn't even cover the stranger things that have happened, but I'm focusing on trying to harness and control what I'm already dealing with, so I'll talk about those another time. For now, I official know enough to know that I don't know anything.

I look forward to getting to know everyone here, learn everything I can and I hope I can be of help to folks at some point.

Assuming I don't blow up the house with too much energy; that is a rush I've never experienced before.

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Re: What a wild month of awakening

Post by SpiritTalker »

Hi - your back-story sounds perfectly normal to me :) . Your instinct is sound so if our world is hit by a comet im sure it won't have been your doing. Sigils work very well into healing, so good going. That's terrific that your newly revealed healing ability is so delightfully effective. You might like to look at the Therapeutic Touch website, off spring of Delores Kreiger. TT is a recognized healing therapy and has been taught in some hospitals.

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Re: What a wild month of awakening

Post by Blu-Luna »

Warm greetings and warm welcome! Nice job on your healing abilities and such! Very cool indeed!

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Re: What a wild month of awakening

Post by birublackzoey »

Hi Alistarr,

Welcome to the forum! So cool that you are able to heal a loved one!

If I may share, I had a similar insight whilst meditating and working through my own pain, It was revealed to me that in this particular phase or stage of our progress or ascension, the male and female energies are required to be nurtured and united, in as many ways as possible, inwardly and outwardly.

For me, this meant acknowledging the feminine energy in me, in relation to my masculine energy and physical form. I did this the only way I knew how, which was to honour my mother and grandmother through intention and visualisation, as they are the one of the reasons I am manifested here in human form.

Maybe this helps to explain a little bit why you would be able to heal your female partner, it is a complimentary element that has been heightened in this phase. And also the recent blood moons / eclipses we have been having not only gives chance for our shadow selves to emerge, but also for us to reconcile the energies of our opposite sex within our being. It is a chance to tap into it and unite, and in doing so, unlock a new dimension or state of being.

Coincidentally, at the end of a recent group breath meditation session, the kind teacher mentions offhand that the full moon (or menstrual cycle) is when a woman is most powerful, despite what society and religion tells us. And that at these points, there is also strong female energy in men, which should not be suppressed but embraced and incorporated into Being. She said it so casually, but it was so profound to me, as it was the same thought introduced to me just a few days earlier.

I took it as a synchronicity/sign of affirmation. We are living in exciting times, and where the issue of gender is concerned, the solution was made known to me that we have to resist being divisive about it, and that even non-transgendered individuals have to come to terms about having and nurturing the energy of both genders within them. There is no more "natural" or "unnatural", we are all blended, just to what degree is visible, and what is our true spiritual nature.

Indeed, the spirit has no gender or sex. And when we, as a race, also start to identify less with it, we have one less hurdle to cross into ascension. This was the over-arching message that was delivered to me. Men can be powerful, Women can be powerful, Gay can be powerful, Straight can be powerful.

So I do believe your own personal path has let you to unlock your healing powers - What a blessing! If you could trace somehow, when this inner change happened or what you did to inspire it, it might help others who are also on the same pathways.

Thank you again for sharing!

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