Need help in making a relationship spell

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Need help in making a relationship spell

Post by kgwitch »

Okay, I've liked the same person for a while now and we've been playing a game of flirt tag for the last few years, but we aren't really going anywhere. I want to write a spell to bring a situation to an end, to a climax or a solution. But I'm not sure what energies to invoke or what colours to use for such a spell. I can write it myself (I'm a good poet and I've written plenty of incantations) just want advice on the basics really.

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Post by Tigerlily* »

HMMMMMMMMMMMM colors..well red is for love,pink is for friendship,Blue is for emotions,Fire is for passion,Water has to do with emotional matters and matters of the heart.Air is for mental clarity and Earth is for grounding and staying centered.

maybe somehow you could incorporate all the elements into this spell,cause I think each one could be used affectly if worded properly.But if it is love you are going for I would use the color red,if it is friendship,pink would prolly work the best.

You know it is all up to you and your intentions for the spell to work.I always keep them simpe and use alot of candle magick,this seems to work the best for me.

Good luck my friend!

Light and love!

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