Spell to Meet This Guy I'm Attracted to?

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Spell to Meet This Guy I'm Attracted to?

Post by Moshi »

Hi there, I have dabbled with spells over the years some with minor sucess, but mostly not. But I believe and always try.

I need your help. Please note also I am not some love sick teenager, I am a single grounded women shortly turning 40.

I have been noticing this guy around where I live for almost a year now. He has from time to time noticed me so I know that I am not a complete stranger to him as I have sensed his attraction.

I am now really intrigued by him, as I see him all the time.
Unfortunately the times I've had the courage to approach him, he's been with other people so didn't want to embarrass him or myself.

I don't want to make him love me.
I don't want to alter his free will at all, all I want is an opportunity to meet him, to see if he's interested. If he's not I know and can move on. But I can't seem to get him out of my head, and probably won't until I find out.

Is there a non-manipulative spell I can cast that will bring us together just to meet, somehow get an introduction to him. Not just a spell to cross paths but a spell to actually meet and have a conversation. He is free to make up his own mind from that conversation or meeting.

I don't want to waste anymore time dreaming about a guy I don't know, or know if his interest is returned. The difficulty I am having in finding the right spell is I don't even know his name!

Hoping there is a usefull suggestion out there to help me resolve this situation once and for all.

Thanks all.


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Post by juliaki »

Sometimes in love you have to take a risk.... just go up to him and say hi. Give him some "extra cookies" that you "just happened" to bake. Have a jar that you can't open and ask if he could open it for you so that you can get a couple minutes with him to talk. There's lots of ways out there to try and get a couple minutes of chat time with a guy. Yes, some of them may sound cheezy, but just take a leap of faith. Worst case scenario, he'll blow you off and make you feel foolish for a few minutes. Far better than not doing anything and feeling foolish for a much longer time, though.

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Post by katie2005 »

or you can wher something revealing.lolololol and when he is looking your way bend down.lololololol


Post by Moshi »

hi thanks for the "tips" but when I say he's with people i actually meant he's with his teenage son. I have seen him with his son most times and I don't think it's appropriate to "hit" on him in front of his kid. And I don't think walking down the street with a jar is not going to seem absolutely weirdo to him (he'll think I am a stalker!) LOL.

However the problem is, most of the time i see him in his car... I have thought about jumping out in front of him so he hits me then we can develop our romance whilst he's nursing me back to health in hospital! but again, probably a bit too dramatic? :wink:

I've tried, but I only see him say once every 3 weeks and he's racing past in his car. So all I want is a chance to meet him, talk to him and the rest is up to him.

isn't there anything I can do to ensure we meet, not just cross paths?


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