Spell Bag- Seeking a New Home

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Spell Bag- Seeking a New Home

Post by The White Rabbit »

Hi, everyone-

Just curious to see what your thoughts are on this spell. Thanks :D .

Suggested timing: waxing or full moon, Sunday, Wednesday, or Thursday

(Quartz is often used as a "general purpose" crystal, so feel free to substitute it for any of the others). Feel free to skip/substitute any ingredients you cannot access for any reason.
Felt cloth or "pre-made" pouch (Red, yellow, orange, green, or brown, as well as string to tie it closed, if needed)
Brown rice (symbolizing stability/abundance/Earth)
A bit of dirt or gravel from the place that you are most interested in. If you have a specific property in mind and have access to it, use that. If not, you can use some from the city you want to move to or the type of place you are most interested in (e.g. sand from a beach if you want to live near the beach). Optionally, you can make some sort of offering in exchange.
An image of the property or a printed copy of the listing (optional, and only if you have a specific place in mind)
If you do not have a specific place in mind, you can make a list of features you want in your home on parchment/kraft paper or even draw the home (or type of home) you want
Cinnamon for prosperity and to invoke a sense of "warmth" (ground or full stick)
Tiger's Eye
Any stone with fire correspondences, or one that you associate with home or a relevant deity
A red, yellow, orange, green, or brown candle (white may be substituted for any other color, except black)
Oil (you can use one that corresponds to to a deity of hearth/home, one for "attracting", abundance, or just plain olive oil)


Cast your circle, using whatever method you choose (I often just visualize myself and the space that I am in surrounded by a "bubble" of light that extends both above and below the room I am in)

- Dress the candle using the oil of your choice (apply the oil from the bottom to the wick since the aim of the spell is to draw something to you). As part of this step, you can carve a square into the side of the candle, or any other symbol you wish to use for this. Alternatively, you can use a sigil, or skip this part entirely.

- Light the candle and say:

I cast this spell, for I seek to find a home that I can now call mine.

A place for myself (my partner/children/pets), where all of (my/our) needs will be comfortably met.

Floor to ceiling, joy and warmth. Safety, comfort, room for growth.

A place that is within my means, to freely live and pursue my dreams.

As I say, so mote it be.

- As the candle burns (or after you have recited the spell), take the printed listing (or the list you wrote) and turn it 90° clockwise/deosil. Write your name and date of birth over any text or images on the paper. As you do this, imagine yourself and any people or animals that will be living with you happily together in your ideal home. Imagine everything from day-to-day activities to work (if that's something you will do at home), celebrating holidays, and whatever else you enjoy doing at home in as much detail as possible during this time.

- Fold the paper toward yourself, then turn it 90° clockwise and fold it again. Place it into the pouch/cloth along with any other ingredients that you will be using from the above list. Once the candle burns down, place anything that remains from the candle in the pouch as well, and tie it closed. Optionally, you may include knot magick when closing the spell bag.

- Close the circle.

- Carry the bag with you for an extra "boost" when you are doing anything pertaining to your home search. You can hold it in your non-dominant/receptive hand, or wear it under your clothes.

- Once you have found your home (or if you wish to "end" the spell for any reason), you can dispose of the bag by burying it.

As with any spell, feel free to adapt or omit any part of this to meet your needs- I created this spell mainly because I couldn't find one that didn't center around having a specific home in mind. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Blessed be- and, if you choose to cast this, happy house-hunting!

Edit: While I originally posted this as a spell bag, please feel free to adapt this for use as a jar/bottle spell.

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Re: Spell Bag- Seeking a New Home

Post by NeverMoonAWerewolf »

This is nicely done!

I did a spell for house hunting before and it worked fine. I went with the list of features needed as we didn't have a specific place in mind then. I'd suggest burning the bag when done though, avoids having the energy linger.

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Re: Spell Bag- Seeking a New Home

Post by firebirdflys »

I like the room for growth part! (especially, I would need that in the yard!)
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