Alaskan Pagan Community Center Needs Help

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Alaskan Pagan Community Center Needs Help

Post by Peregrine »

I read the rules and it looks like I can post this here. I just found this out through my Facebook feed and thought maybe any little thing could help. If I am unknowingly breaking a forum rule, then I won't be offended if you have to delete this announcement. I mean no harm. It is a well-meaning intent to help.

A pagan community center in Sockeye, Alaska was recently destroyed by a wildfire. It took only minutes to destroy five years' worth of their hard work to build it. There is a crowdfund now to help them in their rebuilding and recovery. Any little bit helps.
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Re: Alaskan Pagan Community Center Needs Help

Post by LoneWhiteWolf »

Oh no, that's so sad :( I hope no one got hurt!
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