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My Friend is Possessed!

devil lady with red eyes

Dear Starwitch,

Do you mind if I ask you something?

You see, I have a friend, and she is possessed by the devil (I saw everything) And while she was having a "moment," she did a drawing of the pentagram and said it was the symbol of the devil. What's the difference between the Wiccan pentagram and the Devil's? Do you know?


Dear Ella, It sounds like your friend is a drama queen who's trying to scare you into thinking she has some kind of devil power. Don't believe in crap like that and your life will be much simpler. Some witches are so hung up on being evil and sending curses to people. It's really very childish and stupid, and most adult pagans don't do things like that. It's really more fantasy than anything else. She's probably watched too many horror movies and paranormal TV shows. It's good to keep a healthy amount of skepticism when it comes to all things supernatural. Never believe anything you see or hear just because it seems to be true. There are so many ways of tricking people. It's really quite easy and people can be very gullible.

As for the pentacle... if the star is pointing up, that's a Wiccan pentacle. If it's pointing down, that's a Satanic pentacle/pentagram. Either way, it can't harm you, and there's no need to be bothered by someone drawing upside-down pentacles. Sounds like she likes attention.

 wiccan pentacle
Wiccan Pentacle - Point is Up

inverted pentacle
Satanic Pentacle - Point is Down