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True Ghost Stories

Ghost lady, ghost wolf, ghost owl in woods
"The Mist" by Sasha (Lombrascura)

After my grandma passed, she came to say goodbye to myself, my husband, and my two kids in the middle of the night. She was very close with my kids. Apparently she woke my daughter and my daughter came to get me. I walked her to her room and as she tried to sleep, she kept getting up and looking around saying grandma was there adn that she going to each of our rooms to say goodbye. She came back to my daughter's room and talked to her. I watched my daughter cry and talk to her, asking her grandma why, saying goodbye, and that she loved her. Then my daughter got up, put her arms up and around to hug her grandma goodbye and she lay back down and cried herself to sleep. It was the most beautiful thing I ever witnessed. I guess I wouldn't call it a ghost encounter, but rather an encounter with our angel. (My daughter still remembers this like it was yesterday... We were very blessed.) --Melinda
When I was little, I used to play with this beautiful little Native American girls. She wore a buckskin dress and a beaded head band. We played dress up with my dolls, had tea parties, hide and seek, peek-a-boo, the works. When my mom was about to come and see what all kinds of fun I was having, she would disappear back into our fireplace. My mom used to say "That's nice baby, but could you and your imaginary friend play a little quieter?' I insisted that she was real, my mother patronized me and just said, "Okay Sweety, but please play quieter, can y'all do that for momma please?" We played as quietly as we could. This went on for a few years until I started kindergarten.

Years later, as a teen, I found one of my grandmaw's old photo albums one Saturday afternoon, noticed it had old family photos in it and sat down with my mom and grandmaw and started going through it and asking questions. Came to a photo of a beautiful little Native American girl in a pretty 1930's-40's era dress, pointed at it and said "Mom, who's this? I've seen her before." My mom and grandmaw both looked at the picture, exchanged a weird look, and my grandmaw answered, "No baby, you couldn't have. That's my sister Faye, and she died before you were born." I looked at them and in a clear and certain tone said "Mom, this is the little girl I used to play with at our house. The one that I told you lived in the fireplace."

My grandmaw then ask me to tell her the story as it had just happened. I told them of how I used to wish for someone to play with, as I was an only child at the time. They reminded me that my little brother (he's 6'5 now and I still call him my little brother!) was only four years younger than me and that we used to play all the time. I said, "Yeah, but at the time I'm talking about he was still just a stupid baby to me and besides, he was always a dumb boy, and I wanted to play girl games sometimes." They reminded me of my best friend Laurie, but she had moved away and moved back till it wasn't funny, and the last time they stayed moved away. Told them how the little girl had come out of the fireplace and asked if I knew how to play hide and seek, and how she would disappear back into the fireplace when she heard my mom coming to see why, all of a sudden, it sounded like two girls playing instead of just one.

Momma apologized for not believing me, and my grandmaw was speechless. Nine years ago I became a mother to a beautiful little girl with strawberry red hair. A year later, I had a set of boy/girl twins (one boy, one girl). Six years ago, I was sitting here in my living room, looking up stuff on my computer, when I swear I heard three little girls playing in their room. I knew it was just girls, because my son was sitting beside me on the floor playing with his cars. Instead of storming down the hall as my mom had always done, I sneaked down the hall and there were my daughters playing with the same little Native American girl I had played with as a child. She turned and winked at me, then faded away. I haven't seen her since, but sometimes I can still hear three girls instead of just two!

My brother told me earlier tonight that he used to play with a little blonde boy who lived in the woods. Except for my aunts' houses up the hill from ours, we were the last house on the right with acres and acres of trees around us, and the nearest neighbor lived one mile away through the woods. Their youngest son is my age, and while we used to play with them, he said this would happen while we were all at school, my dad at work, and just him and my mom there. My Aunt Bob and my Aunt Marie never had any children. He said the boy would walk out of a sudden mist, even on sunny days. He said this happened up until he started kindergarten too. Don't know who the spirit could have been, since neither of us have ever found a corresponding photo, as I had done. My mom speculates that it might have been her younger, but older than her, brother. Said brother was born between her and my Uncle Wally and he only lived for a few hours. We may never know.  --Anna
When I was born, I was very sick. Colic and severe respiratory issues had my mother constantly on her toes with me. After a particularly long morning with me, my mother had finally gotten me laid down for a nap. Just as she got sat down in her room, next to mine, of course, I started screaming and coughing. As my mother started to get up, she heard her mother tell her, "Rest. I've got her."

She listened to footsteps cross my room, then the sound of someone in the rocking chair, slowly rocking me, and her mother singing, "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts."

I quieted, and my mother heard footsteps carrying me back to my crib.

Not so unusual for a grandma to help take care of her sick granddaughter, right? My grandmother died 6 years before I was born. -Erin
When I was younger, about 18 or 19, I allowed myself to be quite open with my channeling. I was at a friend's house and I was talking about it and, as any group of young people does, they requested a demonstration. Now just a few months earlier, my mother-n-law was killed in a car wreck and it just so happened that she is who made herself known to us that evening.

It began as it usually would. I would ask for a visitor to be known and within a few seconds I could "see" her standing behind my husband, her son. She spoke for a moment, and then I followed her as she went to the back of the house. Now we were in the center of the house. There were bedrooms in the back, and some in the front. As she went to the back, I noticed that she was going toward the room my seven-year-old son was sleeping in. I watched as she touched his head and kissed him, then she made her way through the house, to the bedroom her other grandson, who was just a little over a year old, was sleeping in. Again, she touched his head and kissed him and left the room. As she vanished, the youngest woke up screaming and crying as if he had been startled awake.  -Laura
My paternal grandmother visited me in my apartnent when I lived alone . Her face hovered in front of me, smiling.....then vanished after a few minutes. 10 minutes after this, my mother phoned me to tell me Nan had just died. I believe she was saying goodbye. I am fortunate to be open to spirits. -Mary
I've had several experiences... quite a few were pranksters... In Texas City, Texas about 35 years ago, I woke up about two feet above my bed and I demanded he put me down. He did, and I only bounced once, lol. He would also stroke my hair at night sometimes, once he realized he couldn't scare me. And yes, I know it was a he.

Another time in Lawrenceburg, Indiana I was renovating a house I was living in. There was a man and a small child. The child, a little girl (I was told by a good friend) would pet my cat while it sat on the stairs. The man was my protector, and prankster. While taking a break from renovating, things would disappear, like my hammer. I would go downstairs and ask him please to put it back, so I could finish. I promised not to change it too much. I went back upstairs and it was lying next to where I had been sitting on the floor. He also liked to look at books I had lying on the floor next to where I slept. I could lay there and watch the pages turn.

A co-worker asked me if I noticed anything strange in that house, as she had lived there years before. I started telling her a few things and she said, yes, it happened to her too, and that is why she moved. Scared her to death. I've been living with this a long time... doesn't scare me at all.  -Jane
I was about six and living in Ankara, Turkey (military), and for about two weeks just about every night I would wake up to go to the bathroom and would see four figures (men) with those curved swords. It was like they were standing guard. Every time I tried to get out of bed they would start to come towards me. It was a little scary, but I never felt like I was in danger. It seemed like they were protecting me from something. Of course, I started wetting the bed and my mom just thought I was having nightmares. She started leaving the bathroom light on for me and after that I never saw them again! -Kimberly
(This was a reply to the above comment on our Facebook page. Not a ghost story, but interesting nonetheless.)

As a psychic I would like to tell some of the gangbangers who kill their enemies that they might want to think about what you're doing because you may get rid of the body but the spirit of the dead can come back and haunt you, and/or it can go back to its own gang and put ideas into the heads of the humans who can come after you and kill you and send you to the spirit world to be with the one you thought you got rid of. This is all true, and I know this because I've been living with the spirits of the dead for years, and the guides want me to pass these things on to those who kill and maim here on earth, so they'll think twice before they cause the death of another human or pet. Yes, the spirits of our dogs and cats live on in the afterlife, and can visit those they love and also those they hate. So don't be surprised if you kill or abuse a dog that the spirit of a devil dog may return to seek vengeance against those who hurt or killed them. -Rosemary
When I was 11, an older man who like a papa to me passed away. He came back and told me he was alright now, then he walked into a bright light. When my mom passed she came back, but she walked out of the bright light and said "I love you" and walked back in. When my daughter was one, she started talking about her angel friend. When she was three, I heard her talking, so I walked into her room asked who she was talking to. She replied, "The devil and her angel were fighting over her soul." I asked who won. She said her angel.

My son started seeing and hearing things at a young age. He wouldn't sleep in his room because a black arm tried to touch him. I had the house blessed. My son wasnt home when it was done, but when he got home he said he was going to sleep in his bed and has slept there ever since. The night before I did blessed the house, I woke up at 3 am and walked to the living room. There were four men - spirits - sitting on my couch. I told them they had a choice. They could leave on their own, or I would make them, but to stop scaring my son. I think his angel is named Samel. He said he stopped them. Now he will hear someone talk, but it's only a word not a whole sentence. He told his teacher one day that someone whispered a scream in his ear. She asked me if I thought he needed someone to talk to. I laughed and said he's not sick, just more gifted than most. I just tell him to say "stop and go away" and once he tells them that, he's fine. There have been times I have dreamed someone has died before they have. I could go on and on about things that we have seen and heard. But I am so blessed to have been able to see and hear that our loved ones are still around. It might be a smell, touch, or hearing your name called out and you look and no one is there, but they are. - Sonja
That was the last ghost story! Thanks for reading!