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True Ghost Stories

Ghost lady playing clarinet
"Forgotten Melody" by Obereg

So I was in my bathroom brushing my teeth and I felt this presence. I had always known that there was something in that bathroom and my friend knew it too. So I felt this presence, and I saw this white, transparent bird thing fly past once, disappear, twice, and disappear. I was so freaked I refused to go in that bathroom for a week. I told my dad when he asked me why and he said he had a bird so it was probably the ghost of that bird, but I didn't do a banishing spell. I think ghosts like bathrooms because that same friend has a ghost in her bathroom.
There was a hippie festival in my home town Payton, Colorado (it was about some native calendar date, crow I think) so I decided to go there and see what the deal was. It was pretty cool but three days later it was coming to an end. At the night of the closing, there was this whole ritual all about the Kokopelli and after I got all the hippies off my yard, (LOL) there was this hunch-backed guy walking down the road playing the flute, literally the beat I have ever heard. He would do the little hand gestures and weird things to the remaining hippies and I followed him to the edge of the tree line. He turned to face me we stared each other down (but I couldn't see his eyes), then he started cackling maniacally and then flipped his flute at me and I flew about ten feet back. When I got up to face him, he walked behind one of the thinnest trees I have ever seen and just disappeared (what happens?)
I've seen a lot of foggy ghosts but nothing interesting until lately. One time over the summer I was in the kitchen and home alone when I turned around to see a girl in a white lace dress walk by the door. I then went into the living room and there was no white clothe or girl anywhere.

The biggest of my experiences was tonight, 9-9-09. I was sitting in my driveway and I looked over and saw a clown/man thing and I closed my eyes and counted to three and it never went away. I was frozen sitting there. Then a few minutes later, I suddenly get goose bumps all over my body and I was forced to look up, where I saw the clown grinning at me. I stared in silence until it started moving towards me. I was broken of the paralysis and ran inside where I looked it up and saw the link to tell you my story.
The other night I was walking into a nearby forest with a few of my friends. One of my friends, Ryan, had stopped before entering the gates. Usually there was no problem with us going in, but tonight he seemed really spooked. Though I merely laughed and trotted beyond the high iron gates, looking back it really seems like a classic horror. Anyways, as I steadily walked into the woods, down the dark path, I felt nothing odd. Until, I was just out of sight of the gates and I stopped. Something was standing maybe inches away from my face. I couldn't make out what it was, but there was definitely something there. I wanted and willed myself to step forward but I couldn't. So instead I took two steps back. Now two feet away from this thing, I could see the faintest almost blurred outline of what I though was a man, about 5' 8". The center of this outline seemed blurred and the path behind it seemed disfigured. I got a feeling as though this were an old man. I didn't want to leave where I was standing. There was nothing harmful about this 'spirit' (or whatever it may have been), but it was definitely there, and foreboding me from entering the wood which I had always loved.

Nearly five minutes later my friend came up behind me and stopped just before walking into the man. He was what I was staring at, and I told him. He quickly backed away and turned. I stood there a moment longer then got spooked myself and briskly left the forest.
My grandmother and I shared a bedroom. She passed away on Saint Patrick's Day. Later that night, I was coming back from the bathroom and I saw a white silhouette on one of the beds in the room that we had shared. She turned around to me and said "I love you" and then disappeared.
I see a ghost almost every night. I have an entity that has been following me for almost 3 years now. It doesn't harm me physically but causes me to be angry and depressed for no reason. Also wakes me in the middle of the night. -Ashley
I've had lots, but my first was when I was little, probably 10 and I got a new white kitty cat (stuffed animal) at a thrift store. That night when I went to sleep, I cuddled up with it. And for some reason I woke up and my kitty was gone! I felt around on the ground next to my bed to see if it fell. Nothing... Oh well, I'd find it in the morning. Then I woke up again... ugh. But then I realized my cat was on top of my doll house... uhm, ok. I wasn't even tall enough to reach it. Startled me a bit. THEN I woke up again and opened my eyes. My cat was sitting directly at the end of my bed, sitting straight up looking at me. I freaked out and ran to my mom. Years later, when I became an investigator, I did an EVP session in my room and caught a little girl's laugh. I believe she was the one who haunted that cat. The cat is still in my room to this day. ;)  -Ansley
I have always been sensitive, but the latest has been while at work. I work at a gun range and we have had someone end their life there, I was opening up and there was a female in the hall walking towards me, I started to say something to her but she was gone before I could get a single word out.  -Remy
My ghost story took place at my mother-in-law's house up in Lake Oswego, Oregon. I went up to care for her while she recovered from a broken hip. I was at her house by myself for three days before she came home. The second day in the house, I was alone by myself with her two cats, and after checking all the windows the day before with my bother-in-law, all the windows were closed. Well the second day, all the windows were open to her house. That afternoon, all her candles lit by themselves!

That night I went to take a shower and I do like warm showers, so I adjusted the water before I got in. I proceeded to wash my hair, when all of a sudden the water started to come out of the shower boiling hot! I was scalded and received blisters all over my back. I could not turn off the water, as the water dial would not shut off! So I jumped out of the shower. That's when I saw in the bathroom mirror this thing that I knew was pure evil.

The third day I brought mom home, and when she walked in she told me that Sam, her angel, hated my guts. Well I thought all was well because she said it was her angel that watches over her.

Next morning, day four, I was cooking her breakfast when all of a sudden the flame on her stove went from low to blasting! The flames went higher than the pot I was using! I turned off the gas! Mom asked me for a glass of water with ice, so I went to do that and her refrigerator had no ice in it. She told me I had to ask Sam for it!! When I did, the ice started to pour into the glass.

Also when I would cook for her, she loves to eat in bed, there would be Orgami paper napkins folded on her tray. I don't know how and never have known how to do Orgami.

Mom lives in a wooden house with lots of mirrors everywhere you look. Well, my partner and brother-in-law hates when Mom has candles lit. Her candles light themselves. Her neighbor told me she would not even step foot on her property as it was a freak show! Mom had a nurse to help her and me, and one day we were sitting at Mom's kitchen table having coffee, when the nurse saw these orbs that were hovering all around the house. Mom told us both it was Sam.

One can stick metal objects to her wooden walls and they will stick like magnets.

I used five pounds of salt to bless her house to no avail, as it only made Sam mad! It made cabinets hit me in the stomach, to where I would have the wind knocked out of me. I saw this thing also throw Mom across her bedroom when she made it mad! Apparently, it does not like what she says sometimes. Even Mom's lawyer saw it one day push Mom out the door to her house.

I tried many spells to help Mom, but nothing I did would banish this thing she calls Sam. I even conjured it in a circle Mom has set up in her yard. Hundreds of ravens came to her trees in the yard. So many that even her neighbors were taking pictures of them. During my conjuring of this thing, I was left with a feeling it was something Mom had invited into her house. See, Mom is a witch, as am I. All I can say is, please do not mess with things you don't understand, as it can attack and/or hurt you, and even kill! I have spells on our house to keep all evil out. My mother -in-law and I can still talk with our minds, but she can not have Sam leave her house and her magic can not either! After living with her for a year and having to deal with Sam and her under its power, I will never return. I talk with her on the phone and I write, but even writing her I have to protect myself with magic. I will say that to have to fight another witch leaves one feeling drained and needing nature to heal myself. Sam would drive her jeep for me, clean her house, light her candles and fire place, help with all she needed or wanted. Hell, why did she need or want me?  -Kevin
When I was ten,  every night my bedroom light would shut off at nine o'clock on school nights. At first it freaked me out, then I used it to my advantage. Found out later in life that my dad's best friend's father passed away in the house due to a heart attack, and that while alive every night he'd turn the kids' lights off for bedtime :) just like he did mine.  -Sally
While night fishing at the Pueblo lake, I heard a woman talking. After a while I realized she kept saying the same thing over and over. 30 minutes went by, and I finally decided enough was enough, grabbed my lantern and started walking the shore line toward where her voice was. After walking for about 10 minutes, the voice came from behind me, and I turned to see nobody there. She sounded just as far away as she first did. I started to walk back, a bit freaked, figuring some how I just missed her. After walking for a bit, again her voice was coming from behind me. Ok, I was freaking more. I yelled out, hey where are you, but she kept saying the same thing over and over. So walked back over to my poles, got my stuff, and started to leave. At that point clear as day I heard, Don't go please. I turned and just before the light hit the bushes behind me a saw a woman holding a flower in both hands. But as the light hit where she was, she was gone. I ran over to where I saw her, nothing, no foot prints, no voice, no sound other than the waves gently hitting the shore line. (I never told anybody about her)  --Eric
My Great Gramps visits often. He has a strong presence but I had never heard him speak or even saw him as anything more than a blur in my periph. One night I woke up to a tall shadow standing over my daughter and me. I laid there for a few minutes just stunned but eventually I sensed it was him and got up to get a glass of water. As i passed the shadow it dissipated but not before greeting me with a "good morning". I never imagined a simple greeting could be so unsettling lol  --Amber Ann
 I was driving at night and the car in front of us went onto the dirt a little bit and kicked up dust, I could see in the headlights a figure of a woman and two kids walking right in front of our path on the road and we all screamed as I hit the brakes and suddenly nothing was there ! They went right through us! They disappeared ! I looked at my grandsons and said did you see that? What was that? We all had no idea where they went... A few days later The Caltrans workers started cleaning up that area to get the road ready for a freeway going through and I noticed an old grave was at that area with three crosses and roses! One big cross and two little ones!  --Janet
We have had a ghost living with us for almost 18 years. I moved into an apartment where a nine-month-pregnant woman had been shot in the stomach by her boyfriend and died. I moved in right after with a one-year-old a two-year-old and pregnant also. The ghost lady took to my kids, they played with her. You could ask them who they were talking to and they would say "the lady with the baby". Over time, she made less appearances, like when I was married (less not none. He says he never felt comfortable) and came back more when it was just us. She has moved from place to place with us. She's nice, never scary. I have had friends experience things with her too.

I noticed the most interaction with my son, he was two at the time we moved in. Like I said I was pregnant and had a one-year-old also. He would get up in the mornings and get the box of cereal out of the cupboard and sit on the couch and watch tv until I woke up. Now I'm sure it was never more than an hour, but that is still a very long time for a two-year-old to sit and chill, watching tv in the room alone. And it didn't matter what channel the tv was on at night when I turned it off. Somehow every morning when he turned that tv on, it was on PBS. (We didn't have cable and that's the channel the kid shows came on). Sometimes I would be watching tv and it would turn to PBS or the lights would turn on all the time. At first I was spooked, but my son (and daughter too, as she became able to talk) would put me at ease by telling me it was "just the lady with the baby wanting to play". I had told friends and of course they thought I was crazy! That is, until they had their own experiences with the lady with the baby. One of those times, I went in to check on my almost-one-year-old, she was asleep in her crib, and I saw the ball roll into the middle of the floor and start to go around in a circle. I called to my friend, hoping she would come in quickly so she could see it going around and around since she didn't believe in things like ghosts. She came running in and yep, she finally got to see the ghost's movement. She was spooked when she came over for a while. I had to convince her that if the lady with the baby had never bothered her before, she wouldn't bother her now. Eventually she got comfortable at my house again.

Many years later, another friend was over and we were talking about ghosts and he said that he didn't believe in ghosts. Well, he happened to be sitting next to this awesome phone I used to have - it was a battery-operated Scooby-Doo castle phone. When it would ring, it made hooting owl sounds and shivering knocking knees then Shaggy called out to Scooby I think. Anyway, when he said he didn't believe in ghosts, it rang. I was surprised, and it scared him, catching him off-guard and all. Well, I picked up the whole phone and turned it all around to show him it wasn't plugged in, and he saw that it didn't even have batteries in it.  - Elizabeth

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